Welcome to the Business Engagement Programme

2015 CBD Business Forum

"Practices, Solutions and the Way Forward"


11-12 November 2015


Helsinki, Finland

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The full report of the 2015 Forum is available here.


The CBD Business Forum was held on 11-12 November 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. The meeting, which had space for 270 participants, was considerably oversubscribed. Although not all registered participants showed up, over 250 people were in attendance. These participants represented over 30 different countries from Europe and beyond, and were comprised of business representatives (about 30%), governments, NGOs and other international organizations. The meeting itself featured two opening sessions with welcoming remarks and scene-setting keynote addresses. There was then a session on Natural Capital which looked at different measures including the Natural Capital Protocols and the need to measure/value natural capital properly. This was followed by two parallel sessions on Agriculture and Extractives, and the day concluded with discussion on procurement and supply chains.

Day 2 started with a session on financing and then continued into a discussion of partnerships, featuring information on the Finnish initiative, the European Platform and the Global Partnership as well as discussion about various upcoming meetings. The final panel involved a summation of key points of the meeting as well as recommendations to be taken to COP. Although these are still being developed, they centred around improved communication and partnerships as well as the establishment of a more effective enabling environment.

A webcast of the Forum is available on YouTube:
http://videonet.fi/web/ym/20151111/ and http://videonet.fi/web/ym/20151111/20151112.html.


11 November 2015 (Wednesday)

Session 1 - 09:00-09:40
Opening Remarks
  • Mr. Timo Tanninen, DG, Dept. of the Natural Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Finland
  • Mr. Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment, Finland
  • Mr. Dongjin Kim, DG, National Institute of Biological Resources, Ministry of Environment, the Republic of Korea
  • Connecting the Dots: CBD — Global framework - Ms. Amy Fraenkel, Principal Officer, SCBD

Session 2 - 09:45–10:30
Biodiversity — the Bigger Picture & Linkage to Business

Session 3 - 11:30–13:30
Natural Capital Mini-Seminar

Parallel Sessions 4a and 4b - 14:30–16:00
Session 4a
Innovation–Extractives–Oil and Mining Mini Seminar

Session 4b
Innovation–Production–Forestry and Agriculture Mini-Seminar

Session 5 - 16:40–18:15
Procurement and Supply Chain Mini-Seminar
Welcome Reception 18:30-20:00

12 November 2015 (Thursday)

Session 6 - 09:00–11:00
Finance and Biodiversity: Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

Session 7 - 11:40–13:00
The Way Forward — Briefings

Session 8 - 13:45–16:00
Results of the Event - Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

Close of the Forum