Welcome to the Business Engagement Programme

Activities and Major Issues

This section of the business website is devoted to several of the major activities and issues that the Secretariat is following in the wake of the COP 12 business decision.

Initiative for Biodiversity Impact Indicators for Commodity Production
In line with decision XII/10/3e, the purpose of this initiative is to compile the major cross-cutting impacts on biodiversity caused by agricultural commodity production and to contribute to more sustainable forms of agricultural production. The initiative will firstly identify impacts across commodities and regions and ultimately develop an ‘umbrella’ set of impact indicators and guidance for governments, standard bodies, and commodity producers on how to reduce impacts on biodiversity.

Business Reporting on Biodiversity
Following from decision XII/10/3b, this activity aims to achieve an understanding of the current situation with regard to business reporting on biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services through an analysis of the current schemes and research on this topic. This analysis will then be used to develop an initial framework of recommendations for reporting on biodiversity as well as initial business reports.

Aichi Biodiversity Targets and Business
Responding to decision XII/10/3d, this activity aims to create a business case for the Aichi Targets, and as well as a series of recommended actions that can be taken to achieve them, in language that is accessible and meaningful to the business sector.

Natural Capital
With reference to decision XII/10/3f, the CBD Secretariat is following and contributing to the activities concerning natural capital and valuation of ecosystem functions and services. Of particular significance is the development of the Natural Capital Protocols which is being led by the Natural Capital Coalition of which CBD is a member.