Capacity-Building and Development

Long-Term Strategic Framework for Capacity-Building and Development

The fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) adopted in Annex I of decision 15/8 a long-term strategic framework for capacity-building and development to support nationally determined priorities for the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (KM-GBF).

The long-term strategic framework, further elaborated in document CBD/SBI/3/7/Add.1, outlines the expected high-level capacity results; provides a menu of guiding principles, key strategies and approaches for improving the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacity-building and development initiatives and programmes; and describes mechanisms to facilitate and support its implementation at the global, regional and country level.

Overarching Guiding Principles

  • Inclusive analysis of existing capacities and needs is essential to ensure effective capacity-building and development (CB&D) interventions.
  • Country ownership and commitment should be cornerstones for CB&D actions.
  • Strategic and integrated system-wide approaches to CB&D should be promoted.
  • Interventions should be designed and implemented according to recognized good practice and lessons learned.
  • Indigenous peoples and local communities, gender and youth perspectives should be fully integrated into biodiversity CB&D efforts taking into account the Gender Plan of Action.
  • Monitoring and evaluation, and learning frameworks should be incorporated into CB&D strategies, plans and programmes from the start.

Key Strategies to Improve Capacity-Building and Development

  • Institutionalize capacity-building and development (CB&D)
  • Integrate long-term CB&D into NBSAPs
  • Increase focus on life-long learning
  • Align biodiversity CB&D with broader cross-sectoral plans and programmes
  • Undertake measures to fully utilize and retain existing capacity
  • Develop thematic and regional (and/or subregional) CB&D action plans and programmes
  • Promote partnerships and networks for implementation
  • Enhance synergies between CB&D efforts of relevant processes
  • Promote North-South cooperation
  • Promote South-South and triangular cooperation
  • Engage the private sector
  • Strengthen monitoring and evaluation of CB&D interventions

Mechanisms for Implementation of Capacity-Building and Development

  • Governance and coordination mechanisms
  • Mutual supportiveness between various implementation strategies and processes
  • Resource mobilization for capacity-building and development
  • Regional and global support networks
  • Enhanced review mechanisms
  • Outreach and dissemination of the long-term strategic framework
  • Reporting and review of the long-term strategic framework