Financial Mechanism and Resources

Reporting from the GEF Council

Memorandum of understanding between the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Council of the Global Environment Facility
3. Reporting
3.1 The Council will prepare and submit a report for each ordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties.

3.2 The reports will include specific information on how the GEF Council, its Secretariat and its Implementing and Executing Agencies have applied the guidance and implemented the policy, strategies, programme priorities and eligibility criteria determined by the Conference of the Parties, as well as any other decision of the Conference of the Parties communicated to GEF, under Article 21 of the Convention. The Council should also report on its monitoring and evaluation activities concerning projects in the biodiversity focal area.

3.3. In particular, the reports will provide detailed information on the GEF biodiversity focal area, including:
(a) Information on how GEF has responded to the guidance provided by the Conference of the Parties as described by paragraph 2, including, where appropriate, through its incorporation in the GEF operational strategy and operational programmes;
(b) The conformity of the approved work programmes with guidance of the Conference of the Parties;
(c) A synthesis of the different projects under implementation and a listing of the projects approved by the Council in the biodiversity focal area, as well as a financial report with an indication of the financial resources allocated to these projects;
(d) A list of project proposals submitted for approval to the Council, through the GEF Implementing Agencies, by eligible Parties, including reporting on their approval status and, in cases of projects not approved, the reasons therefore;
(e) A review of the project activities approved by GEF and their outcomes, including information on funding and progress in implementation; and
(f) Additional financial resources leveraged by GEF for the implementation of the Convention.

3.4 In order to meet the requirements of accountability to the Conference of the Parties, reports submitted by the Council will cover all GEF-financed activities carried out for the purpose of the Convention, whether decisions on such activities are made by the Council or by the GEF Implementing and/or Executing Agencies. To this end, the Council will make arrangements as might be necessary with the Implementing Agencies regarding disclosure of information.

3.5 The Council will also provide information on other matters concerning the discharge of its functions under Article 21, paragraph 1, as may be requested by the Conference of the Parties. If the Council has difficulties in responding to any such request, it will explain its concerns to the Conference of the Parties and the Conference of the Parties and the Council will find a mutually agreed solution.

Reporting of the GEF Council for each ordinary meeting of the Conference of the Parties