Financial Mechanism and Resources

Programme Priorities

Policy, Strategy and Programme Priorities for Utilizing GEF resources

Article 21, paragraph 2: "2. Pursuant to the objectives of this Convention, the Conference of the Parties shall at its first meeting determine the policy, strategy and programme priorities, as well as detailed criteria and guidelines for eligibility for access to and utilization of the financial resources including monitoring and evaluation on a regular basis of such utilization. The Conference of the Parties shall decide on the arrangements to give effect to paragraph 1 above after consultation with the institutional structure entrusted with the operation of the financial mechanism."

Guidance to the financial mechanism, for a specific replenishment period, consists of a consolidated list of programme priorities that defines what to be financed, and an outcome oriented framework of programme priorities related to utilization of GEF resources for biodiversity.

COP15 guidance (Montreal, Canada, 7 - 19 December 2022)
Decision 15/15: Financial mechanism

COP14 guidance (Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 17 - 29 November 2018)
Decision 14/23: Financial mechanism

COP13 guidance (Cancun, Mexico, 4 - 17 December 2016)
Decision XIII/21: The financial mechanism

COP12 guidance (Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, 6 - 17 October 2014)
Decision XII/30: Financial mechanism

COP11 guidance (Hyderabad, India, 8 - 19 October 2012)
Decision XI/5: The financial mechanism

COP10 guidance (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, 18 - 29 October 2010)
Decision X/24: Review of guidance to the financial mechanism
Decision X/25: Additional guidance to the financial mechanism

COP9 guidance (Bonn, Germany, 19 - 30 May 2008)
Decision IX/31: Financial resources and the financial mechanism and guidance to the financial mechanism

COP8 guidance (Curitiba, Brazil, 20 - 31 March 2006)
Decision VIII/18: Guidance to the financial mechanism

COP7 guidance (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9 - 20 February 2004)
Decision VII/20: Further guidance to the financial mechanism

COP6 guidance (The Hague, Netherlands (Kingdom of the), 7 - 19 April 2002)
Decision VI/17: Financial mechanism under the Convention

COP5 guidance (Nairobi, Kenya, 15 - 26 May 2000)
Decision V/13: Further guidance to the financial mechanism

COP4 guidance (Bratislava, Slovakia, 4 - 15 May 1998)
Decision IV/13: Additional guidance to the financial mechanism

COP3 guidance (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 4 - 15 November 1996)
Decision III/5: Additional guidance to the financial mechanism

COP2 guidance (Jakarta, Indonesia, 6 - 17 November 1995)
Decision II/6: Financial Resources and Mechanism

COP1 guidance (Nassau, Bahamas, 28 November - 9 December 1994)
Decision I/2: Financial resources and mechanism