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COP 7 Decision VII/9

Global Taxonomy Initiative

The Conference of the Parties

1. Notes the progress and commitment being made in implementing the programme of work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative;

2.   Invites Parties, other Governments, regional and international organizations to take full account of the importance of taxonomic capacities in achieving the goals of the Convention, to support taxonomic activities to attain the 2010 target, and to provide all necessary support to national, and where appropriate regional , taxonomic centres of research and expertise; and urges Parties, other Governments and relevant funding organizations to provide adequate and timely support to developing countries to assist in the implementation of the Global Taxonomy Initiative, and for integrating taxonomic capacity-building activities into thematic and cross-cutting programmes, including supporting activities and projects, such as, where appropriate, stand alone capacity‑building projects; 

3. Invites Parties to appoint national focal points for the Global Taxonomy Initiative as called for in decision V/9, and urges all Parties to ensure that those focal points work with their taxonomic communities taking into account the programme of work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative;

4. Requests Parties to appropriately include and give full support to the taxonomic work needed to accomplish the thematic and cross-cutting programmes of work and activities under the Convention;

5. Invites developed country Parties to provide technical and financial support for the operations of the Coordination Mechanism of the Global Taxonomy Initiative;

6. Requests Parties to report on the status of implementation of the programme of work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative and further invites national and international, taxonomic institutions, funding organizations, financial agencies, and the financial mechanism of the Convention to contribute information on their relevant activities to the review of the Global Taxonomy Initiative for consideration by the Conference of the Parties at its eighth meeting;

7. Requests the Executive Secretary, in collaboration with the Coordination Mechanism for the Global Taxonomy Initiative to:

(a)  Ensure that appropriate taxonomic expertise with balanced regional representation is included in inter-sessional meetings and expert groups convened by the Secretariat as appropriate;

(b) Develop the process and guidelines for the in-depth review, including mechanisms for monitoring progress in the implementation of the programme of work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative, to be finalized during the tenth meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice for consideration at the eleventh meeting of the Subsidiary Body; and

(c)  Undertake an analysis of the existing thematic programmes of work and cross‑cutting issues with respect to taxonomic components, in order to more effectively build taxonomy into the work programmes and to develop an understanding of the taxonomic capacity necessary to accomplish the targets of these programmes of work.

(d)  Undertake a gap analysis of missing elements of the existing programme of work for the Global Taxonomy Initiative in the light of the decisions at the sixth and seventh meetings of the Conference of the Parties, considering also the result of the regional workshops held after the adoption of the programme of work.

(e)  Further facilitate the synergistic collaboration between existing initiatives, including the clearing-house mechanism, the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, and regional and sub-regional taxonomic networks in order to develop more accessible information sources for countries on their biodiversity;

(f)  Ensure that there are linkages between Articles 15 and 8(j) of the Convention, decisions VII/19 A-F of the Conference of the Parties, on access and benefit-sharing, and taxonomy;

8.  Welcomes the contribution offered by the Government of Belgium through the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation for training in taxonomy and collection management for developing countries.