Hosting CBD meetings

A number of meetings under the Convention are hosted by Governments. The organization and hosting of these meetings is required to follow guidelines provided by the United Nations (UN). The Secretariat should sign an agreement (host Government agreement) with the host Government. The UN guidelines for the preparation of host Government agreements include model agreements. There is a model agreement that applies to big and open-ended meetings. There is also a template for an ad hoc agreement in the form of exchange of letters that should be used for small meetings such as ad hoc expert meetings, seminars or workshops.

The Secretariat is planning to prepare a handbook for hosting meetings and conferences of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and its Protocols in order to provide detail information on the organizational, managerial and logistics requirements for countries that may consider offering to host meetings.

In the meantime, countries that consider offering to host either open-ended meetings such as COP meetings or small meetings such as ad hoc technical expert meetings and workshops may refer to the relevant documents provided through the links below in order to understand the basic requirements in hosting meetings: