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Climate Change, 2021-04-22
Chinese President Xi Jinping is joining world leaders on Thursday at a virtual summit on climate change hosted by his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden.Responding to climate change is the common cause of all humanity, Xi has said, adding that it should not be a bargaining chip for geopolitics, a target for attacking other countries, or an excuse for trade barriers.
Washington Post, 2021-04-22
Spring has returned to the California coast, bringing with it abundant sunshine and calmer seas. Storm-tossed sands settle. Nourishing cold water floods in from offshore. It is time for a climate superhero to emerge.
CISION, 2021-04-22
To mark Earth Day, World Vision is calling on global leaders to fully respond to the climate change crisis as a tsunami of climate related disasters threaten to wipe out decades of development advances. The agency warns that the triple threat of climate change, conflict and COVID will push hundreds of millions of people into poverty and forced displacement without strong international commitments to mitigate impact, support adaptation and build resilience in the most at-risk communities.
BBC Future, 2021-04-22
In bare skin, tingling in the 8C (46F) water, Craig Foster swims into the waters off the Western Cape of South Africa and immerses himself in the Atlantic Ocean. In many ways, he is a broken man. Depleted and disconnected, he slowly dives into the all-powerful and unfriendly waters, and finds shelter in the tranquil kelp forest below – an area which he has not connected with since his childhood.
Africa Center for Strategic Studies, 2021-04-22
Climate change is straining livelihoods across broad swaths of Africa, intensifying instability in multifaceted ways. The continent’s ability to adapt to and mitigate these effects will have global repercussions. Climate change is inherently unfair. It tends to most affect the poorest countries that have the lowest carbon emissions. By adding pressure to already strained environmental and economic systems, climate change exacerbates resource competition, intercommunal grievances, state fragility, and other vulnerabilities. Countries in conflict, in turn, are less able to focus on conservation and long-term adaptation.
Relief Web, 2021-04-22
A new data visualization shows how the climate emergency is converging with other threats to drive new displacement and increase the vulnerability of those already forced to flee. The impacts of our changing climate are being felt worldwide, but countries already struggling with conflict, poverty and high levels of displacement are dealing with some of the most severe effects., 2021-04-22
Europe endured record heat and rainfall last year while temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared off the charts, the European Union's climate monitoring service reported Thursday.
Business and Biodiversity
Prestige, 2021-04-22
Through its Perpetual Planet initiative, Rolex is lending its support to the effort to preserve ocean ecosystems for posterity., 2021-04-22
Nature-based solutions to climate change are having a moment, and Apple is riding the trend with a $200 million fund dedicated to related investments.
Cities and Biodiversity
Asia One, 2021-04-22
Kermit the Frog once lamented that it wasn't easy being green. Large-scale developers who for years have been trying to reconcile their economic and environmental concerns would agree.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Xinhua (China), 2021-04-22
While climate change is already a widely discussed topic around the world, biodiversity conservation is less talked about as an environmental theme. As one of the most bio-diverse countries globally, China is actively promoting the awareness of biodiversity protection among the general public -- with the help of the internet.
The News (Pakistan), 2021-04-22
Maintaining its legacy, Google shared a creative doodle on Earth Day, highlighting the importance of planting trees for the planet on Thursday. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to raise public awareness about the environment and inspire people to save and protect it. Across the globe.
Vogue, 2021-04-22
Do you know how to spot greenwashing, or the difference between ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’? What actually is microplastic? Here, we break down the eco-terminology used by brands so you can make informed choices when you shop
Phillipine Information Agency, 2021-04-22
While today’s global health and climate crises have been putting many of us on pause, more and more people are fully realising that the Earth— the home that we inhabit and from which we get our basic needs— is at the centre of our survival and prosperity.
Indian Express, 2021-04-22
Mumbai’s mangroves cover an area of 66 square km that poses as a natural barrier against sea level rise and coastal flooding, while welcoming a wealth of migratory birds and aquatic species. But did you know that these mangroves act as natural buffers against coastal erosion and flooding, and they store up to four times as much carbon as other forests?
Conference of the Parties
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (China), 2021-04-22
Protecting nature concerns the future of mankind. Building a beautiful home is a dream shared by all people. The COVID-19 pandemic tells us that man and nature are in one community. It is imperative that the international community uphold multilateralism, strengthen solidarity and cooperation, and jointly tackle challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change and marine environment pollution to realize global sustainable development.
Xinhuanet, 2021-04-22
The ambitious initiatives China has rolled out to promote the congruity between economic growth and the environment will boost efforts to restore the planet's health amid human and climate induced threats, a senior UN Environment Program (UNEP) official told Xinhua during an interview on the eve of Earth Day.
Endangered Species
China Daily (China), 2021-04-22
Cameras placed for wildlife surveillance in both Southwest and Northeast China have recently captured rare activities of Asian elephants and Siberian tigers, both of which are endangered species under State protection.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-22
Nearly 200 endangered orange-bellied parrots have begun their annual migration from Tasmania to the Australian mainland, the largest number to make the trip since monitoring started in the early 1990s.
Yahoo!, 2021-04-22
The federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) protects about 1,600 plants and animals. This piece of legislation enhances our ecosystems, provides clean drinking water, and generates a significant amount of money.
Forest Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-22
These logs are historic,” says Elma Kay, standing in Belize Maya Forest, where she has been doing an inventory of felled trees. “These are the last logs that were cut here, for mahogany and other hardwoods, left behind by the previous logging company.”
TheAsset, 2021-04-22
Amazon deforestation in Brazil reached a 12-year high in 2020, and over 95% of it is illegal. Unless governments and markets radically revalue the rainforest’s natural services and stimulate a green economy, a nightmare scenario may be unavoidable, 2021-04-22
For 20 years, the USDA Forest Service's Climate Change Atlas has been giving foresters in the Eastern United States insight into how future habitat conditions may affect tree species, from dramatic change (a big increase of cedar elm, for example, and a big loss in balsam poplar) to the fairly neutral (red maple).
Global Taxonomy Initiative, 2021-04-22
Peruvian officials on Wednesday announced the discovery of a brand-new frog, a spotted brown critter with an unusual eye coloring and no eardrum, in a natural park in the Amazon jungle.
Governance, Law and Policy
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-22
The US has vowed to cut its planet-heating emissions by at least half by the end of the decade, in a ramping up of ambition aimed at rallying other countries to do more to confront the climate crisis.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-22
Developing countries are increasingly concerned that their need for financial assistance to cope with the climate crisis will go unmet, as leaders of the world’s biggest economies meet for a virtual White House summit on the climate.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-04-22
Today is Earth Day, which should provide us with an opportunity to pause and confront the awful predicament humanity faces. We eat microplastics, breathe pollution and watch other life-forms decline to extinction.
BBC News, 2021-04-22
The US has pledged to cut carbon emissions by 50-52% below 2005 levels by the end of this decade. This new target, which will be unveiled at a virtual summit of 40 global leaders, essentially doubles their previous promise. The Americans hope that their ambitious new plan will encourage China, India and others to go further before the crucial COP26 meeting, in Glasgow in November.
Global News (Canada), 2021-04-22
U.S. President Joe Biden is convening a coalition of the willing, the unwilling, the desperate-for-help and the avid-for-money for a global summit Thursday aimed at rallying the world’s worst polluters to move faster against climate change.
Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
Mongabay (India), 2021-04-22
The kelp forests of the oceans are a habitat for a wide range of marine species, rivaling even the great tropical forests for sheer richness of biodiversity, according to scientists from the KELPER project, which studies these marine algae ecosystems.