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Agriculture and Biodiversity
Prensa Latina (Cuba), 2021-11-26
The importance of proven and reliable agricultural methods, such as those used in “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems”(GIAHS) to transform food systems, was analyzed today by FAO.
Technology Networks, 2021-11-26
The prospect of "reviving" an extinct species – or a, genetic hybrid version of it – is moving closer to reality thanks to the sophistication of genome engineering technologies coupled with our ability to extract and sequence archaic DNA samples.
Business and Biodiversity
Business Wire, 2021-11-26
Faced with the reality of climate change, the Group now has a dual responsibility to not only protect its terroirs but also to promote them as a “solution”. It must ensure its living soils play their full part in combating global warming by cultivating their biodiversity and maximising their potential for carbon sequestration.
MENAFN, 2021-11-26
Climate science clearly shows that future prosperity and equity lies in only one direction: toward a nature-positive, zero-carbon global economy
Sustainable Brands, 2021-11-26
Consumer goods brands and retailers aiming to diminish their climate impacts or even become forest positive can find cost-effective solutions to protect forests when they partner with indigenous communities on the ground.
Business and Biodiversity
Horizon Magazine, 2021-11-26
Food waste has reached colossal proportions and the magnitude of the problem requires equally massive resources with the potential to supply sustainable answers. What better than the dynamic digital databases and advanced analytics we literally have access to “at our fingertips”.
Mirage News, 2021-11-26
Members of the public are being invited to participate in a citizen science research program to boost existing bushfire recovery, data collection and monitoring activities for impacted wildlife.
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
New Scientist, 2021-11-26
Here are four lifestyle changes that actually do make a difference for biodiversity.
New Times (Kigali), 2021-11-26
The Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) Kitabi has launched a new module in the courses dubbed “Human Rights and Conservation” with the aim to integrate human rights principles in conservation.
Endangered Species
Euro News, 2021-11-26
Vaquitas are the world’s rarest marine mammal, and there’s a sad probability they’ll disappear in our lifetime, according to conservation groups.
Nature World News, 2021-11-26
Recent study has discovered one in every six birds has quietly gone across Europe since the 1980s. The causes varied and numerous, including habitat loss, massive decline in insect species, pollution, and disease all of the usual suspects contributing the larger mass extinction event we're experiencing.
Financial Resources and Mechanism
New Europe, 2021-11-26
The European Commission approved on November 25 an investment package of more than €290 million for 132 new projects under the LIFE programme for the environment and climate action.
Health and Biodiversity
News Medical, 2021-11-26
The threat of disease transmission from conservationists moving wild animals between habitats or back into the wild needs to be urgently assessed to minimize risk. Experts at the University of Birmingham are calling on local and national health authorities and wildlife managers to adopt a robust approach.
Invasive Alien Species
Gizmodo, 2021-11-26
It has been thousands of years since the first cats were domesticated, but we still don’t seem to have much control over them. Many people let their cats come and go as they please, perhaps forgetting — or not caring — that domestic cats kill billions of birds and mammals each year.
The Guardian, 2021-11-26
Research shows introduced pest plants and animals are costing the country $25bn a year., 2021-11-26
Communities in the Bijagós Islands off Guinea-Bissau have for generations maintained a close spiritual connection to nature that’s been credited with the archipelago remaining a biodiversity hotspot.
University of Oxford, 2021-11-26
The failure to meet global biodiversity targets clearly indicates the need for more effective biodiversity management and conservation efforts, and this in turn requires better understanding of the current barriers to success.
Open Access Government, 2021-11-26
As seabirds’ food security is threatened by human activity, new research in Ireland has found that birds with tracking devices have been follow fishing vessels for food.
Migratory Species
CGTN, 2021-11-26
A new legislation to protect migratory birds, especially Siberian cranes, on China's largest freshwater lake of Poyang, will take effect on January 1.
Post-2020 framework
EurAsia Review, 2021-11-26
“A new framework that does not ensure accountability is doomed to failure. We need systematic and effective real-time monitoring: it is time to hold actors accountable.”


Agriculture and Biodiversity
Reuters, 2021-11-25
A group of global investors representing more than $3.5 trillion in assets has urged the European Commission not to allow intensive farming to be badged as a sustainable activity in upcoming rules, a letter seen by Reuters showed.
CNN, 2021-11-25
The Arctic Ocean has been warming since the onset of the 20th century, decades earlier than instrument observations would suggest, according to new research.
EurekAlert, 2021-11-25
Wildlife trading on social media is a complex issue – but tech firms can take steps to tackle it, according to new research.
Endangered Species
New York Times, 2021-11-25
Amid a worldwide biodiversity disaster, with an estimated million species threatened with extinction, the story of the vaquita reveals how even apparent options — on this case, placing a cease to unlawful fishing — require political will, enforcement and deep engagement with native communities to satisfy the wants of each individuals and animals.
The Age, 2021-11-25
It’s such a rare species there are only two known trees left, one mature and one juvenile tree growing in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.
Mental Floss, 2021-11-25
It’s a day of reckoning for the ivory-billed woodpecker and roughly two dozen other species of wildlife that are about to be declared extinct in a proposal issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Discover Magazine, 2021-11-25
These animals aren’t quite on the endangered species list, but if we’re not careful, they soon could be.
Stuff (New Zealand), 2021-11-25
One of the season’s most important breeding colonies of a critically endangered native bird has collapsed, and experts believe a dog was to blame.
The Guardian, 2021-11-25
Conservationists hail move as ‘critical breakthrough’ to protect endangered shortfin mako, prized for meat, fins and sportfishing., 2021-11-25
According to a University of Illinois-led study, Père David's deer has gene variants that may naturally protect the animals from the ravages of CWD.