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Climate Change
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-01-19
Tackling the existential risk posed by the climate crisis will be made harder by the growing gap between rich and poor triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the World Economic Forum has said.
EurekAlert, 2021-01-19
Climate researchers have found a simple but efficient way to improve estimations of ultimate global warming from complex climate models.
Mirage News, 2021-01-19
Sixteen years of remote sensing data reveals that in Earth’s largest freshwater lakes, climate change influences carbon fixation trends.
Vatian News, 2021-01-19
The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople is organizing its fourth ecological “Halki Summit”, gathering activists, scientists, journalists, business leaders, theologians and academics of different Countries and faiths to promote global awareness on the consequences of climate change, but also to discern and effect changes in values and social attitudes related to the abuse of God’s creation.
Down to Earth, 2021-01-19
It is the world’s largest production line: Starts with growing and harvesting crops, moves on to processing food, then transporting and marketing it; eventually the consumption and disposal of the waste. But the process that sustains 7.8 billion people also emits 21-37 per cent of all greenhouse gases a year that can be traced back to human activities.
BBC News, 2021-01-19
A photographer is hoping to raise awareness around climate change by displaying wildlife pictures at a summit of world leaders.Brian Matthews, from Hartlepool, travels the world photographing animals, from polar bears in Canada to orang-utans in Borneo.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-01-19
Joe Biden is set for a flurry of action to combat the climate crisis on his first day as US president by immediately rejoining the Paris climate agreement and blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, although experts have warned lengthier, and harder, environmental battles lie ahead in his presidency.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-01-19
tt’s a fine, crisp day and the first frost of the season, a significant occasion for any gardener and one that has not gone unnoticed by the seed guardians of the Stroud Community Seed Bank.
Relief Web, 2021-01-19
At Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin, FAO Director-General appeals for a creative and integrated approach to agri-food systems to drive recovery from COVID-19 and achieve a sustainable world
Food Tank, 2021-01-19
Chef Rob Connoley is working with farmers, archivists, and Indigenous communities to try to define and revive Ozark cuisine at his restaurant Bulrush in St. Louis, MO. Connoley hopes to increase biodiversity while connecting people back to the land.
Business and Biodiversity
World Economic Forum, 2021-01-19
New year, new approaches – it's the perfect time to rethink many things we take for granted. Shakespeare’s advice, “Brevity is the soul of wit”, is telling: humanity will prosper if we can keep it simple. Indeed, today we live under the influence of the KISS principle: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”
Forest Biodiversity, 2021-01-19
One in 12 people could face severe drought every year by 2100, according to a recent study. And water stored on two-thirds of the Earth's land surface will shrink as the climate warms. As plant ecologists, we're concerned with what that means for forests—one of the largest carbon sinks and biggest assets the world has in the fight against climate change.
Global Taxonomy Initiative
Anadolu News, 2021-01-19
Faculty members at Hakkari University in Turkey announced Tuesday the discovery of a new snake species as part of research conducted in the city's rural region.
Health and Biodiversity
Thomson Reuters Foundation, 2021-01-19
COVID-19 is an unprecedented global health crisis. But it has also been a wake-up call to the risks posed by our destructive relationship with the natural world.
Invasive Alien Species
Times of Malta, 2021-01-19
Ambjent Malta has embarked on a habitat restoration project in Comino, which forms part of the Natura 2000 network.Environment Aaron Farrugia said that the conservation of habitats is crucial for the protection of biodiversity.
Mountain Biodiversity
iAfrica News, 2021-01-19
South Africa is home to some of the world’s most diverse flora and fauna. Indigenous plant life includes some 23 000 species of flowering plants (including 728 species of trees) and more than 900 species of bird, representing 22 of the world’s living orders.
Post-2020 framework
UNCTAD, 2021-01-19
Guidelines to help governments, companies and consumers benefit from sustainable trade in precious plants and animals now include elements such as climate resilience and marine biodiversity.
Research and Science, 2021-01-19
An international study with the participation of the Natural History Museum (UV) has made the first record of a cave-dwelling Kinnaridae from the Old World. It is Valenciolenda fadaforesta, a species found in Valencian caves and a remnant of an ancient extinct fauna., 2021-01-19
Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have found coronavirus infections in pet cats and dogs and in multiple zoo animals, including big cats and gorillas. These infections have even happened when staff were using personal protective equipment., 2021-01-19
Climate change is more pronounced in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet, raising concerns about the ability of wildlife to cope with the new conditions. A new study shows that rare insects are declining, suggesting that climatic changes may favor common species., 2021-01-19
New study identifies a bizarre new species suggesting that giant marine lizards thrived before the asteroid wiped them out 66 million years ago., 2021-01-19
While surveying the Hawaiian island of Kauai in search of invasive plants in 2017, botanist Kelsey Brock spotted something unusal: a few nonnative species of figs seemed to be settling in.
EurekAlert, 2021-01-19
Shelled pteropods, microscopic free-swimming sea snails, are widely regarded as indicators for ocean acidification because research has shown that their fragile shells are vulnerable to increasing ocean acidity.
Tourism and Biodiversity
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-01-19
Across Cumbria local communities, businesses and grassroots organisations are being mobilised to map out ways that they hope will help it become the UK’s first carbon-neutral county.
Scientific American, 2021-01-19
Plants, and the insects which rely on them, are the living foundations of our planet. But these foundations are under stress because, as we urbanize and suburbanize natural areas, we have an unfortunate tendency to sterilize the landscape.