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Climate Change
Toronto Star, 2021-07-23
Yukon’s a complicated place, and that complexity may inhibit disaster response and climate change preparedness, according to Christopher Alcantara, professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario.
Euro News, 2021-07-23
No sport can escape the impacts of a changing climate. Less snow and ice, higher temperatures, and extreme weather events such as storms and heatwaves, all affect competitors and spectators alike.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-07-23
Protesters will fill London’s Parliament Square on Friday morning, calling on the prime minister, Boris Johnson, to make the climate crisis his top priority, as the UK prepares to host UN talks that will determine whether the world tips into environmental catastrophe this decade.
Deccan Herald, 2021-07-23
The extreme climate events in Europe, North America and China in the last two months have not left any doubt about the fact that the earth is well into the time of climate change. The time for evidence is well past and now we are witnessing manifestations of climate change on scales that are getting bigger and bigger., 2021-07-23
Long before the current political divide over climate change, and even before the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), an American scientist named Eunice Foote documented the underlying cause of today's climate change crisis., 2021-07-23
On the heels of jaw-dropping heat and flooding across three continents, nearly 200 nations gather Monday to validate a critical UN climate science report 100 days ahead of a political summit charged with keeping Earth liveable.
Dutch News, 2021-07-23
The KNMI meteorological office is taking part in an international research project to determine if the recent heavy rainfall and floods in Limburg, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg are linked to climate change.
Agriculture and Biodiversity
Slow Food, 2021-07-23
North Africa abounds in traditional agricultural systems that are remarkable both for the high levels of cultivated biodiversity they represent and for the reservoir of traditional agricultural and culinary knowledge that they have been transmitting for centuries.
Dhaka Tribune, 2021-07-23
Attempts to create more equitable and sustainable food systems are doomed to fail if they ignore the challenges and needs of rural people in the world’s poorest countries, says the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
Cooperation and Partnerships, 2021-07-23
National Planning Commission (NPC) Director General Dr. Thomas Munthali has applauded Malawi universities for joining hands to organise a research dissemination conference that will create Biodiversity for Malawi 2063 research plans.
Endangered Species
Manila Bulletin, 2021-07-23
The Philippines’s true native giant clam species, scientifically called the Tridacna gigas, is about to get a needed lift to get it out of local extinction.
Forest Biodiversity
European Sting, 2021-07-23
There is no solution to the climate crisis without ending tropical deforestation. Over the next decade, protecting forests around the world is critical to reaching a 1.5C pathway, while also supporting sustainable development and enhancing biodiversity. Unfortunately, despite recent efforts to reduce demand for deforestation-linked commodities, deforestation increased by 12% between 2019 and 2020. In other words, we are not on track, and time is running out.
CIFOR, 2021-07-23
Planting trees among the maize and bean crops of her smallholder farm in Kenya has helped Margaret Muchanga to increase yields, improving her family’s food and financial security and offering lessons in agroforestry that she can share with her community and spread the benefits.
Global Taxonomy Initiative, 2021-07-23
The species are all part of the genus Jacquemontia, which are twining or trailing plants with pretty blue flowers. With rapid biodiversity loss taking place across South America and worldwide, identifying plant species is a vital step towards protecting them.
Governance, Law and Policy
Mirage News, 2021-07-23
The Environment Ministers of G20 member states, meeting in Naples, supported the Italian initiative establishing a UNESCO Network of international environmental experts across all UNESCO designated sites around the world – biosphere reserves, Global Geoparks and natural heritage sites. This network aims to strengthen training in the restoration and conservation of ecosystems.
MercoPress (Uruguay), 2021-07-23
G20 environment and energy ministers Thursday held their first day of meetings in the Italian city of Naples, after which they issued a joint document on the protection of nature, especially ecosystems. This document implies the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as circular economy and green finance, according to Italy's Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani.
Mongabay (India), 2021-07-23
Kolombangara Island forms a 30-kilometer (19-mile) circle of green in the Solomon Sea. One of more than 900 islands that make up the Solomon Islands, it is fringed by coral reefs and dominated by a volcanic peak, which rises to 1,770 meters (5,800 feet). Ravines of more than 75 river catchments radiate from the steep caldera rim to the sea.
Irish Times, 2021-07-23
The Government should deliver on its promise to convene a Citizens’ Assembly on biodiversity loss – this would provide an opportune forum to discuss the insertion of environmental rights into the Constitution., 2021-07-23
Environmentalists in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday urged the government to reverse a move to tax rather than forbid poaching, saying the move endangered millions in conservation funds.
Guardian (International Edition), 2021-07-23
The Great Barrier Reef will not be placed on a list of world heritage sites “in danger” after a global lobbying effort from Australia against the proposed listing.
Research and Science, 2021-07-23
Almost all crop plants form associations with a particular type of fungi—called arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi—in the soil, which greatly expand their root surface area. This mutually beneficial interaction boosts the plant's ability to take up nutrients that are vital for growth., 2021-07-23
The world's bees face a major threat from deformed wing virus, a pathogen transmitted by the parasitic varroa mite. It is responsible for causing the death of millions of colonies in the US, Europe and Asia. The major losses started in the early 1990s with at least 30% of colonies dying each year., 2021-07-23
Michigan State University researchers are working with state and federal fishery agencies to help remove invasive grass carp from Lake Erie in a bid to limit its spread to the other Great Lakes., 2021-07-23
Weather is a tricky science—even more so at very high altitudes, with a mix of plasma and neutral particles. In sudden stratospheric warmings (SSWs)—large meteorological disturbances related to the polar vortex in which the polar stratosphere temperature increases as it is affected by the winds around the pole—the polar vortex is weakened. SSWs also have profound atmospheric effects at great distances, causing changes in the hemisphere opposite from the location of the original SSW—changes that extend all the way to the upper thermosphere and ionosphere., 2021-07-23
Extreme floods this month have been crippling cities worldwide. This week in China's Henan province, a year's worth of rain fell in just three days. Last week, catastrophic floods swept across western Germany and parts of Belgium. And at home, rain fell in Perth for 17 days straight, making it the city's wettest July in 20 years., 2021-07-23
What worries one of the world's leading climate scientists the most? Heatwaves—and particularly the tendency of current models to underestimate the intensity of these bursts of deadly, searing temperature.
The Conversation, 2021-07-23
Dig a teaspoon into your nearest clump of soil, and what you’ll emerge with will contain more microorganisms than there are people on Earth. We know this from lab studies that analyse samples of earth scooped from the microbial wild to determine which forms of microscopic life exist in the world beneath our feet.
Mother Jones, 2021-07-23
For about $7—less than an hour’s minimum wage—McDonald’s will dish up 1080 calories in the form of a Big Mac, some fries, and a soda. Taco Bell offers an even more enticing proposition: Its beef-laden “Grande Crunchwrap Meal” delivers 1290 calories for just $5. For years, critics of the US food system—Eric Schlosser, Michael Pollan, Raj Patel, Leah Penniman, Marion Nestle, others—have warned that such deals are actually no bargain when you add in the hidden costs.
United Nations
Live Mint, 2021-07-23
In New Delhi on a visit, Abdulla Shahid said in a speech that the central theme of the 76th session of the UN, expected to start from 15 September, would be recovery
Qrius, 2021-07-23
Concerns about inflation rates have risen as the UK economy begins its much-needed recovery from the effects of the pandemic. The Consumer Prices Index, the measure most commonly used to measure inflation, rose by 2.5% in June 2021, the highest level for three years.