2010 Biodiversity Target


Implementation of the Convention must take place primarily at the national level. It is largely action at the national level that will lead to progress towards the 2010 Biodiversity Target. At its seventh meeting, the Conference of the Parties of the Convention invited Parties and Governments to develop national and/or regional goals and targets, within the framework established by the Conference of the Parties at its seventh meeting and, as appropriate, to incorporate them into relevant plans, programmes and initiatives, including national biodiversity strategies and action plans.
The Conference of the Parties also invited Parties and Governments to use existing national indicators or to establish national indicators to assess progress towards their national/and or regional targets. Implementation of activities to achieve and monitor progress towards the goals and targets will require capacity-building, especially in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. In this respect, the Conference of the Parties invited Parties, Governments, international and funding organizations to provide adequate and timely support. Concerted action will be needed to achieve the target by 2010 which is now only a few years away.