2010 Biodiversity Target

Focal Areas

Following the adoption of the Strategic Plan, the Conference of the Parties developed a framework to enhance the evaluation of achievements and progress toward its implementation and that of its 2010 Biodiversity Target (paragraph 1 of decision VII/30). This framework includes the following seven focal areas:

  • Reducing the rate of loss of the components of biodiversity, including: (i) biomes, habitats and ecosystems; (ii) species and populations; and (iii) genetic diversity;

  • Promoting sustainable use of biodiversity;

  • Addressing the major threats to biodiversity, including those arising from invasive alien species, climate change, pollution, and habitat change;

  • Maintaining ecosystem integrity, and the provision of goods and services provided by biodiversity in ecosystems, in support of human well-being;

  • Protecting traditional knowledge, innovations and practices;

  • Ensuring the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the use of genetic resources; and

  • Mobilizing financial and technical resources, especially for developing countries, in particular least developed countries and small island developing States among them, and countries with economies in transition, for implementing the Convention and the Strategic Plan.

For each of the focal areas, goals and sub-targets and indicators have been identified.