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About the Convention: General information on biodiversity and the CBD

The 2010 Biodiversity Target: Information related to the background, assessment of progress, implementation of the target, etc.

Message of Dr. Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the CBD, to Parliamentarians

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The Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Inter-Parliamentary Union, grouping over 140 national parliaments, is the focal point for world wide parliamentary dialogue. A Cooperation Agreement was signed between the United Nations and the Inter-Parliamentary Union as early as 1996 (Annex of document A/51/402). Then, in the United Nations Millennium Declaration (Resolution 55/2) and the 2005 World Summit Outcome (Resolution 60/1), Heads of State and Government resolved to strengthen further cooperation between the United Nations and national parliaments through the Inter-Parliamentary Union in all fields of work of the United Nations.

Several resolutions from the Inter-Parliamentary Union concern biodiversity:

GLOBE International

GLOBE International is an international league of legislators which objective is to facilitate high level dialogues amongst legislators on key environmental issues, such as climate change, illegal logging and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. These dialogues are led by legislators but also involve international business leaders and civil society representatives.