Year 2009

Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity

The CBD Secretariat encourages all parties to the Convention and all organizations that deal in some way with the issue to organize activities and events to celebrate the IBD and to take advantage of it to raise public awareness and showcase their work to prevent and manage invasive alien species.

From January 2009, this website will carry case studies and examples of invasive species and action against them and will carry information on actions that we can all take to help combat the problem. Information materials posted on the site will include a booklet on IAS, a poster, a logotype for use by partners and organizations celebrating the IBD, a photo gallery as well as information and education materials targeted at children and youth.

The site will carry links to key international organizations working on invasive alien species, key regional networks and initiatives, networks and initiatives at national level as well as to key initiatives promoting information-sharing. It will also provide links and information on regulations and international agreements.

The site will carry information on celebrations being planned and carried out in countries and organizations around the world and guidance on organizing celebrations.