Forest Biodiversity

Programmatic Links

The expanded programme of work on forest biological diversity is directly linked to several other programmatic areas and cross-cutting issues:

  • Agriculture
    Agricultural expansion is an important driver of deforestation. At the same time, forest biodiversity plays an important role in supporting sustainable agriculture. The CBD programmes of work on agricultural and forest biodiversity have several interlinked components, e.g. agro-forestry. More»

  • Biofuels and biodiversity
    Decision IX/2 on agricultural biodiversity also addresses the ongoing development and increasing production of biomass for energy, including impacts of biofuel production on forest biodiversity. More»

  • Protected areas
    More than 11 per cent of all forests globally are managed mainly for their conservation values, usually as protected areas. The CBD programme of work on protected areas and the programme of work on forest biodiversity are complementary in several of their goals and objectives. More»

  • Ecosystem approach
    The ecosystem approach is a strategy for the integrated management of land, water and living resources. The ecosystem approach promotes conservation, sustainable use and equity. More»

  • Indicators
    Biodiversity indicators are information tools which summarize data relating to complex environmental issues. They are used to indicate the overall status and trends of biodiversity. More»

  • Climate change and forest biological diversity
    Forests, by acting as a sink for carbon dioxide, help mitigate the effects of global warming. Forest biological diversity is also impacted by changing climatic conditions. More»

  • Invasive Species
    Invasive alien species are species whose introduction and/or spread outside their natural past or present distribution threatens biological diversity. Invasive alien species have invaded many forests worldwide, often causing devastating effects on the native biota. More»

  • Sustainable Use
    The sustainable use of biological diversity is one of the three objectives set out in the Convention’s first article, and Decision V/24 frames sustainable use as one of the Convention’s cross-cutting issues. Promoting the sustainable use of forest biodiversity is one of the goals of the expanded programme of work on forest biological diversity. More»