Dry and Sub-humid Lands Biodiversity

Case Study Details

Name of Partnership Il Ngwesi Community Conservation Area
Organization Il Ngwesi Community
Country Kenya
Description The first community conservation area in Kenya, the objectives of the Il Ngwesi Community Conservation Area are to enhance local economic opportunities while ensuring the conservation of biodiversity.

Activities to this end include the development of a community conservation area and lodge, and a community re-investment programme funded through proceeds from the lodge.
Lessons Learned Involvement of local people in management decisions

Communal ownership and democratic management

Use of revenue to enhance social services.

Use of environmentally sound technologies

Attention to addressing security threats.
Web Site www.tve.org/ho/doc.cfm?aid=1294
Main Actors Indigenous and Local Community Organizations
Type of Capacity Building Individual Capacity Building
Institutional Capacity Building
Systemic Capacity Building
Keywords Community-based Natural Resource Management
Stakeholder Engagement