Dry and Sub-humid Lands Biodiversity

Case Study Details

Name of Partnership Environment Protection and Restoration in the Louga Region of Northern Senegal
Organization World Vision International
Country Senegal
Regions Africa
Description The Louga region in the northern Sahelian zone of Senegal has low and irregular precipitation (200-300mm /year).

The Protection and Restoration project was designed to address: loss of vegetative, water shortages, loss of the traditional Tokeur land use system and decreased crop yields.
Lessons Learned Importance of land tenure

Engagement of local communities and, in particular, women

Importance of awareness raising

Identification and dissemination of appropriate technologies
Web Site http://www.unep.org/desertification/successstories/9.htm
Main Actors Indigenous and Local Community Organizations
Type of Capacity Building Institutional Capacity Building
Keywords Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Community-based Natural Resource Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Technology Development / Dessemination