Dry and Sub-humid Lands Biodiversity

Case Study Details

Name of Partnership Conservation and restoration of Nenmeli Sacred Grove
Organization C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre, A Centre of Excellence of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India
Country India
Description Nenmeli is one of the sacred grove sites taken up by CPREEC under Conservation and Restoration of Sacred Groves.

Initially, 26 species of 750 trees were planted in 4.5 acres. The site has been fenced and the pits were mulched. An extensive exercise of watershed development was carried out by contour mapping and bunding, gully plugging, stone check wall, etc. A small percolation pond was also formed. Biofencing of the entire site was undertaken.

In 1996, a study of the avi fauna in the area revealed that the rich vegetation was attracting 39 varieties of birds. Another 5.5 acres of land adjoining the sacred grove site was taken up for the establishment of a herbal garden. 76 species of herbs, shrubs, climbers and trees of medicinal value thrive here.

Today the watershed management undertaken by CPREEC has helped to fill the surrounding ponds and tanks and raise the level of groundwater from a depth of 30 ft. to ground level. The entire area has become green and 10 cms of topsoil has formed. The runoff of rainwater and subsequent soil erosion has ceased. The average canopy height of the sacred grove is 4 mt.

The Government Middle School, Nenmeli contributes to improve the environment holistically in the following ways: (i) The students planted trees in the school (ii) A kitchen garden with vegetables, flowers and fruit species is maintained by the students for their noon-meal (iii) A waste water recycling unit was constructed to recycle the waste water. The recycled water is used to water the kitchen garden (iv) A compost pit has been excavated to compost biodegradable waste.

Under the ‘Women and Eco-development’ programme, women of Nenmeli were trained in kitchen gardening, vermicomposting and construction of smokeless chulha.
Web Site www.ecoheritage.cpreec.org
Main Actors Indigenous and Local Community Organizations
Keywords Community-based Natural Resource Management
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