Dry and Sub-humid Lands Biodiversity

Case Study Details

Name of Partnership Eastern Steepe Living Landscape
Organization Wildlife Conservation Society
Country Mongolia
Description Promote the conservation of the Mongolian Eastern Steppe landscape by focusing on key species through:

(i) the development and adoption of participatory strategies to reduce threats to wildlife,

(ii) the development and implementation of sustainable and adaptive mechanisms to strategically address threats,

(iii) learn and disseminate best practice techniques, and

(iv) guide the design and testing of wildlife-focused planning.
Lessons Learned Targeting conservation actions to avoid or mitigate conflicts between people and wildlife

Gather information in the area, sufficient to map human land use and resource management practices, and characterize the habitat use requirements of landscape species

Work closely with resource users, civil society organizations, private sector companies, and public sector agencies, to develop the constituency and capacity for wildlife conservation
Web Site www.wcslivinglandscapes.org
Main Actors Indigenous and Local Community Organizations
Type of Capacity Building Building Partnerships
Systemic Capacity Building
Keywords Financing
Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessments
Stakeholder Engagement
Technology Development / Dessemination