Dry and Sub-humid Lands Biodiversity

Case Study Details

Name of Partnership GEF Partnership on Land Degradation in Dryland Ecosystems
Organization China Ministry of Finance and State Forestry Administration
Country China
Description Develop a Country Programming Framework to address land degradation and biodiversity loss including:

(i) recommendations for harmonizing laws and policies,

(ii) assessing the mandates and roles of relevant government agencies,

(iii) compiling biodiversity information,

(iv) assessing carbon sequestration potential,

(v) identifying priority investments and sites,

(vi) designing indicators and a monitoring and evaluation plan,

(vii) carry out stakeholder consultations and identify socio-economic considerations.
Lessons Learned Need for a genuine multi-agency implementation structure

Take a cautious approach towards reform

Advantage of a long-term committment supported by strong planning and technical assistance
Web Site http://www.adb.org/documents/brochures/adb-gef/PRC-GEF.pdf#search=%22World%20Bank%20GEF%20partnership%20on%20land%20degradation%20in%20dryland%22
Main Actors Governments
Type of Capacity Building Institutional Capacity Building
Systemic Capacity Building
Keywords Financing
Inter-Agency Collaboration
Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessments
Stakeholder Engagement