Inland Waters Biodiversity

Inland Waters Biodiversity - Tool and Guidelines

CBD Tools and Guidelines

CBD Technical Series No. 22 / Ramsar Technical Report No. 1: Guidelines for the Rapid Ecological Assessment of Biodiversity in Inland Water, Coastal and Marine Areas

CBD Technical Series No. 27 / Ramsar Technical Report No. 3: Valuing wetlands - Guidance for Valuing the Benefits Derived from Wetland Ecosystem Services

Other Tools and Guidelines

Much of the technical tools and guidance relevant to the programme of work is produced in partnership with the Ramsar Convention and may be found on their website.

Integrated Water Resources Management Toolbox (produced by the Global Water Partnership)

In the IWRM ToolBox, you will find a collection of good practices for managing water resources at all levels. The ToolBox is a free and open database with a library of case studies and references that can be used by anyone who is interested in implementing better approaches for the management of water or learning more about improving water management on a local, national, regional or global level. The ToolBox is also an excellent tool for you to engage with a broader community of interested professionals around the world and to share your experiences.

MEKONG River Awareness Kit (produced by the Mekong River Commission, 2003)

The Mekong River Awareness Kit (RAK) was developed as part of the dnvironment training program conducted by the Environment Program of the Mekong River Commission. The primary objective of the RAK is to use multimedia and interactive CD-ROM learning tools to train MRC staff, National Mekong Committee staff, and riparian government agencies about Mekong River ecology. It is hoped that the RAK will help promote a better understanding of the natural and human-induced processes affecting the sustainability of the Mekong River system.

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Educational Opportunities in Water Management

The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education has a diversity of flexible arrangements to improve your knowledge and skills in water management. They offer full time programmes in Delft, the Netherlands, such as a 4-year PhD programme and an 18-month Water Management Master of Science Programme, as well as short courses of 3 to 4 weeks. They also offer part-time programmes in the form of 16-week on-line courses and upon request are able to offer tailor-made training sessions to groups.

Please click here for further information or visit their web site at:

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers a two-year masters programme focusing on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), which seeks to combine technologies, institutional strategies and processes needed for facilitation of sustainable management of watersheds, basins, rivers and coastal waters in the face of conflicting interests. The aim of the programme is to prepare students for the challenge of IWRM by providing training in managing complex stakeholder, inter-sectoral and transboundary processes. Please click here for further information on the masters programme. To learn about the Network for Integrated Transboundary Water Research of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, please click here.