Biological Diversity and Tourism

Biological Diversity and Tourism


The tourism industry represents one of the main sectors in the global economy, often referred to as the world’s largest single industry. Harnessing the opportunities and dealing with the challenges of the largest ongoing migration of people in history is of utmost importance, and is particularly significant for developing countries.

The Secretariat’s tourism activities provide bridges and links between various thematic programmes to ultimately facilitate the implementation of the Convention. These programmes, such as island biodiversity, marine and coastal biodiversity, forests, and invasive species, are crucial to a complementary approach to tourism issues.

Guidelines for tourism partnerships and concessions for protected areas: Generating sustainable revenues for conservation and development

  The aim of these guidelines is to provide information to support protected area authorities to achieve sustainable tourism operations in their protected areas; to bring benefits to conservation and other purposes for which the protected area has been declared; and to avoid or mitigate negative impacts.
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