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Pernilla Malmer

Tinka John

Alejandra Loría

  • National Commission for Biodiversity Management (CONAGEBIO) of Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET), Costa Rica
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  • Web Page: CONAGEBIO

  • CONAGEBIO –Comisión Nacional para la Gestión de la Biodiversidad- is the competent national authority in Costa Rica that deals with the Biodiversity Law No. 7788, the recognition and protection of communities’ sui generis intellectual property rights, which are the knowledge, practices and innovations of indigenous and local communities, related to the use of elements of biodiversity and its associated knowledge.

Stephan Schnierer

  • Southern Cross University, Australia
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  • Web Page: Southern Cross University

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the areas Indigenous Environmental Management, Indigenous Resource Rights (particularly fishing), Traditional Ecological Knowledge, International and National Environmental Policy . Member of several governmental advisory committees including the National Marine Mammals Advisory Committee, the Indigenous Reference Group (Fisheries Research Development Corporation) the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorities Ecosystems Advisory Committee and the GBRMPA Indigenous Reef Advisory Committee, the NSW Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council, the NSW Seafood Industries Advisory Council and the NSW Fisheries Research Advisory Body.

César A. Franco Laverde

Yvonne Vizina

  • Métis National Council, Canada
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  • Web Page: Metis National Council

  • Since 1983, the MNC has represented the Métis Nation nationally and internationally. It receives its mandate and direction from the democratically elected leadership of the Métis Nation’s governments from Ontario westward. Specifically, the MNC reflects and moves forward on the desires and aspirations of these Métis governments at the national and international level. Overall, the MNC’s central goal is to secure a healthy space for the Métis Nation’s on-going existence within the Canadian federation.

Yolanda Teran Maigua

  • Andes Chinchasuyo, Ecuador
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  • Andes Chinchasuyo is located in Quito.- Ecuador. It is a member of the Network of Indigenous Women on Biodiversity

Mohammed Abdul Baten

  • Unnayan Onneshan- The Innovators,Bangladesh
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  • Web Page:Unnayan Onneshan- The Innovators

  • Unnayan Onneshan is a multidisciplinary research organization, working on promoting traditional knowledge in formal natural resource management system while securing rights of indigenous and local communities.

Onel Masardule Arias

Alejandro Argumedo

Daniela Juárez Villa

Nimal Hewanila

Kaylena Bray