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Key Terms

A number of key terms are contained in Article 8(j), 10 (c), 17.2 and 18.4. The background document "Traditional Knowledge and Biological Diversity" (UNEP/CBD/TKBD/1/2) discusses and elaborates further their underlying concepts.

These terms are:

  • “ subject to its national legislation”(8j)
  • “ respect, preserve and maintain knowledge” (8j)
  • “ knowledge, innovations and practices” (8(j)
  • “ promote the wider application of knowledge, innovations and practices” (8j)
  • “ approval and involvement” (8j)
  • “ equitable sharing of benefits” (8j)
  • “ protect and encourage” (10c)
  • “ customary use of biological resources in accordance with traditional cultural practices” (10c)
  • “ mutually agreed terms” (15.4; 15.7; and 16.3, see Article 8(j) and critical linkages)
  • “ prior informed consent” (15.5 see Article 8(j) and critical linkages).

It is necessary to elaborate all of the forgoing terms in order to arrive at interpretations which take into account the context of indigenous peoples and local communities in such a way as to facilitate the implementation of the objectives of the Convention.