Peace and Biodiversity Dialogue Initiative


1. Promote the value of Transboundary Conservation Areas and their conservation benefits of biodiversity, especially how conservation also helps alleviating conflict.

2. Update information on transboundary conservation needs around the world including in areas that could be established as Transboundary Conservation Areas.

3. Organization of workshops with relevant countries and organizations to explore opportunities of furthering their transboundary collaboration, and possibilities, including through partners, to catalyze political engagement.

4. Facilitate the creation of new Transboundary Conservation Areas and strengthen existing ones in a number of regions, giving priority to areas declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites through supporting co-designing of pilot projects, capacity building and knowledge sharing for implementation.

5. Disseminate Best Practice Guidelines, Code of Conduct on TBCAs, etc. to facilitate their wider acceptance and application.

6. Facilitate the exchange of data and information, provide outside expertise, capacity building as well as technical assistance for planning and implementing Transboundary Conservation Areas.