Mountain Biodiversity

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International Institute forSustainable Development
The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is a Canadian-based, public policy research institute that has a long history of conducting cutting-edge research into sustainable development.
Subject(s): Clearing-House Mechanism; Mountain Biodiversity; Agricultural Biodiversity; Dry and Sub-Humid Lands Biodiversity; Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals; Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures; Ecosystem Approach

Mountain Forum
The Mountain Forum promotes global action toward equitable and ecologically sustainable mountain development. This is achieved through information sharing, mutual support and advocacy. In order to achieve these objectives the Mountain Forum uses modern and traditional communications, supports networking and capacity building and encourages members to be proactive in advocating sustainable development of mountain areas.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

Mountain Research and Development
Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is the leading interdisciplinary journal specifically devoted to the world's mountain regions. It is a major platform of communication on mountains, emphasising both research and development, and also including sections devoted to exchanges of experience among institutions and individuals.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

The Banff Centre
The Banff Centre is an incubator of creativity that inspires and empowers artists, the mountain community, and business and community leaders from Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Centre provides a unique learning environment where individuals and groups pursue personal and professional development, create new work, engage in applied research, share ideas and experiences, and celebrate accomplishments through performances, exhibitions, and special events.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

The Mountain Institute
The Mountain Institute's mission is to advance mountain cultures and preserve mountain environments. The Mountain Institute also supports three global initiatives: the Mountain Forum, Sacred Mountains, and Sustainable Living Systems.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

The Mountain Partnership
The Mountain Partnership is a voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to improving the lives of mountain people and protecting mountain environments around the world. Launched at the World Summit for Sustainable Development in 2002, the Mountain Partnership taps the wealth and diversity of resources, information, knowledge, and expertise of its members to support positive change in mountain areas.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

The Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) Initiative
The SARD-M project liaises between Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) and Mountain issues. The project recalls the importance of these issues - both discussed at the Rio Conference in 1992 - and identifies the many challenges of Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in mountain regions, and calls for coherent policies, instruments and programmes.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity