Mountain Biodiversity

COP Decisions

  • Decision I/2 para. 4 and Annex I para. 4 (k)
    Financial resources and mechanism
    • Establishes the promotion of conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in mountainous areas as on of the programme priorities of the Convention.
  • Decision III/13 para 2
    Future programme of work for terrestrial biological diversity: dryland, mountain and inland water ecosystems
    • Reaffirms the central importance of biological diversity to sustainable development in montane areas. Concerned that activities carried out under the Convention should not duplicate existing efforts, but should rather complement them.
    • Requests the Executive Secretariat to contact those agencies and networks working on sustainable mountain development with a view to examining forms of cooperation an matters relating to biological diversity and mountains.
  • Decision III/11 Annex para. 7
    Conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biological diversity
    • Different agricultural practices lead to diverse impacts upon biological diversity.
      These impacts occur at the ecosystem, species and genetic levels.
      a) Expansion of agriculture to frontier areas, including forests, savannahs, wetlands, mountains, and arid lands, combined with overgrazing, and inadequate crop management and pest control strategies contribute to degradation of biological diversity, as well as to the loss of the cultural diversity of traditional communities.
  • Decision IV/16 Para.16 and Annex
    Institutional matters and the programme of work
    • Adopts the future programme of work for the Conference of the Parties, including mountain biodiversity, which is to be considered in-depth at the seventh meeting of the COP.
  • Decision V/25 Para. 2
    Biological diversity and tourism
    • Accepts the invitation to participate in the international work programme on sustainable tourism development under the Commission on Sustainable Development process with regard to biological diversity, in particular, with a view to contributing to international guidelines for activities related to sustainable tourism development in vulnerable terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems and habitats of major importance for biological diversity and protected areas, including fragile riparian and mountain ecosystems, bearing in mind the need for such guidelines to apply to activities both within and outside protected areas, and taking into account existing guidelines, and requests the Executive Secretary to prepare a proposal for the contribution on guidelines, for example by convening an international workshop;
  • Decision V/25 Para. 7
    Biological diversity and tourism
    • Encourages Parties, Governments, the tourism industry and relevant organizations to undertake activities including local capacity-building, that would be supportive of the preparations for both the International Year of Ecotourism and the International Year of Mountains, as well as activities of the International Coral Reef Initiative, and, in particular:

      a. Urges the tourism industry to work in partnership with all stakeholders and to commit to work within principles and guidelines for sustainable tourism development;
      b. Encourages Parties and Governments to complement voluntary efforts by establishing enabling policies and legal frameworks for the effective implementation of sustainable tourism.
  • Decision VII/27
    Mountain biological diversity
  • Decision VIII/3 Annex, Additional Planned Activities
  • Decision IX/22 Annex, Planned activity 13: Mountain biological diversity
  • Decisions X/30
    Mountain biological diversity