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CEEweb for Biodiversity
CEEweb for Biodiversity is a network of NGOs in the Central and Eastern European region. Their mission is the conservation of biodiversity through the promotion of sustainable development.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Ministry for the Environment and Spatial Planning - Slovenia
The Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning ensures that all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia have a healthy living environment. It promotes and coordinates efforts toward sustainable development, while striving for social well-being based on a wise and efficient use of natural resources. The Ministry endeavours to increase the concern of society for maintaining natural balance and biodiversity in the country, in the belief that biodiversity is an important heritage for future generations.
Subject(s): National Reports; Agricultural Biodiversity; Forest Biodiversity; Chemicals and Pollution; Biosafety and Biotechnology; Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Inland Waters Biodiversity; Financial Resources and Mechanism