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Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority - Singapore
The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) is hosted by Singapore Government that checks the safe food, the safeguard of animals and plants to facilitate the agri-trade.
Subject(s): Agricultural Biodiversity; Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures

National Institute of education, Singapore
Natural Sciences and Science Education AG is an integration of several science content and pedagogical disciplines with a strong multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research. The Group comprises academics in the fields of Biological sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Science Education, Technology Education and Home Economics Education.
Subject(s): Biosafety and Biotechnology; Forest Biodiversity; Endangered Species; Agricultural Biodiversity

National Parks Board - Singapore
This sums up our vision and mandate. We conserve, create, sustain and enhance the green infrastructure of our Garden City. Combining the visual delights and rich bio-diversity of our parks, gardens & nature reserves with thoughtfully-planned recreational activities, we facilitate your communion with Nature.
Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness

Underwater World Singapore
Over the years, Underwater World Singapore has sought to raise public awareness on marine conservation issues via our educational exhibits and signage information, enriching educational programs, outreach assembly talks for schools and various ongoing conservation projects with other partners and institutions. We consider it an important responsibility of ours, as an oceanarium, to inspire our visitors to do their part to conserve the fragile marine environment. Our very own conservation slogan: Blue Mission - Inspire, Educate, Conserve, represents aptly this vision and the work that we strive to do.

World Cities Summit
World Cities Summit is a premier event that brings together practitioners and policy makers with leading experts in their field to identify innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing cities today. The inaugural summit in June 2008 brought together 800 senior delegates including leaders, mayors, policy makers and the civil society. To build on its success, the next Summit in 2010 will offer a strategic platform comprising a high-level summit, plenary sessions, networking forums and technical workshops.

The theme for the second Summit is Liveable and Sustainable Cities for the Future. World Cities Summit 2010 will be a three-day event (28 Jun - 1 Jul) focusing on leadership and governance and building liveable and sustainable communities. Through the exchange of ideas and knowledge, cities can learn from each other to create a good environment that is sustainable and forward-looking.
Subject(s): Cities and Biodiversity