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Associação Cultural dos Amigos da Serra da Estrela
We organize every year planting trees in burned areas. Environmental awareness actions for schools. The GeObserver is a recent project that aims to monitor the flora, fauna, weather, etc. with the purpose of preserving species and forest.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Associacao Internacional para a Documentacao da Natureza
The International Association for the Documentation of Nature is a Non-profit Environmental NGO. It comprises a multidisciplinary team of biologists, filmmakers, musicians, designers and artists who come together for a common purpose: nature and wildlife conservation! Founded in March 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal, it has been developing several projects to raise awareness on various environmental issues. We focus our work mainly in Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries, where we have been working since the founding of the association. We work with several environmental organizations to let people know about their work related to nature conservation. We also aim to involve companies that want to promote environmental values or whose activity is related to Nature and who value good environmental practices. The synergies between us and those working to preserve nature play a vital role in our structure.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Associação Transumância e Natureza
Associação Transumância e Natureza is a non-profit organization that was created in 2000. It is classified as an Environmental Non-Governmental Organization, by Agência Portuguesa de Ambiente.ATN's mission is to work for the conservation of the natural heritage of the Riba-Côa region.

Centro de Investigação de Montanha (Mountain Research Centre)
CIMO (Centro de Investigação de Montanha) is a research centre focused on mountain issues. It was founded in 2002 to study and valorise mountain natural resources, forest and agriculture ecosystems, and local products in order to develop and maintain sustainable systems.

The diversity of backgrounds and expertise of CIMO’s members allows the centre to be remarkably multidisciplinary which suits CIMO's main object of study: complex physical-biological-human mountain systems.

Biodiversity, addressed from the genetic to the landscape levels, is a foundation component of all CIMO’s R&D activities.

CIMO is based at the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança), Portugal.
Subject(s): Mountain Biodiversity

Colégio Nova Encosta
(English follows) A nossa escolar é bastante jovem, uma vez que existimos à apenas dois anos. No entanto, estamos empenhados em mudar o modo como a nossa comunidade aborda o ambiente. Nesse sentido, fazemos da Educação Ambiental um dos pilares do nosso projeto educativo. Estamos a desenvolver esforços para educar os nossos alunos no sentido de estarem mais conscientes, visando torna-los cidadãos completos e funcionais, que são ativos e estão envolvidos na discussão e solucionamento de problemas ambientais. Para tal desenvolvemos um conjunto de atividades ao longo de um ano destinadas a alertar, sensibilizar e envolver cada um dos nossos alunos. É por isso, que ansiamos fazer parte e colaborar na Década para a Biodiversidade da UN.

We’re a fairly recent school since we’ve only opened two years ago. Nonetheless, we’re committed in changing the way that our community addresses environmental issues. So, we made Environmental Education one of the corner stones of our educational project. We’re making an effort to educate our students to be more aware, aiming to raise them to be complete and functional citizens who are actively involved in the discussion of environmental issues and committed on solving them. For that we develop a year round of environment related activities intended to alert, sensitise and involve each and every one of our students. That’s why we are looking forward to join and participate in the UN Decade on Biodiversity.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Defense of Paul da Tornada Association - PATO
Defense of Paul da Tornada Association - PATO, is a non-governmental environmental organization. Its legal foundation happened in October 1988 and, during 22 years of existence, PATO has fought for Paul de Tornada’s preservation and ecological recovery. This was only made possible through local population involvement and by alerting local, national and international authorities.
Beyond this purpose, PATO has been looking forward to be an intervenient voice on ecological and environmental problems awareness, not only in Paul de Tornada, but also across the region. Keeping in mind the main goal of sustainable development, PATO has been taking public positions, denouncing and alerting, and contributing for a larger awareness of the population in general.
PATO’s activity is focused on two main actions: environmental education, based on direct contact between the population and nature, and ecological studies, based on species’ characterization and inventory, both in Paul de Tornada and other local natural areas.

Gobius Communication and Science
Gobius is a multidisciplinary company specialized in environmental education and in Life and Environmental sciences communication. Since its foundation in 2007, Gobius works for a sustainable world through the development of creative and innovative solutions that promote scientific and conservation projects, education and research organizations, ecotourism products and companies, as well as environmental awareness initiatives, bringing together science, nature and society.

Madeira Fauna & Flora
Madeira Fauna & Flora is an ecotourism company which focuses on biology, geology and biodiversity conservation. As a true Ecotourism company, Madeira Fauna & Flora aims to support local communities and biodiversity conservation, both locally and internationally. In order to maximize its contribution, Madeira Fauna & Flora is a member and partner of several international conservation and ecotourism organizations such as The International Ecotourism Society, Conservation International, Butterfly Conservation Europe, Butterfly Conservation UK, Bat Conservation International, Bat Conservation Trust, Bat Life Europe and De Vlinderstichting.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Moura Encantada
Moura Encantada takes its name from the mythical, magical female spirits who were thought to guard the rivers, wells and treasures of the land and who promised treasures to those who kept their secrets with them.

Designed to fully respect the natural environment, Moura Encantada will be not just a hotel, but also a place where you will feel an honest, emotional connection to your extraordinary surroundings. A place where you will feel as if you are an integral part of the story unfolding around you — because you really will be a part of it.

SCIAENA – Marine Sciences and Cooperation, is a Portuguese non-governmental environmental organization founded in January 2006. SCIAENA acts in diverse areas of scientific research and its divulgation with a main goal of linking the scientific work to the population.

Its projects aim to the development through cooperation of the marine environments, resources exploration and associated communities, by developing actions in the environmental, social, economical and cultural fields. SCIAENA is also committed to promoting scientific research for education, information, training, political intervention, innovation and resolution of socio-environmental issues.
Subject(s): Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Sociedade Portuguesa para o Estudo das Aves (Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds)
The Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) is an Environmental Non-Governmental Organisation that works for the conservation of birds and their habitats in Portugal, promoting a form of development that safeguards our natural heritage for future generations.

SPEA is the Portuguese partner of BirdLife International, an international organisation that works in more than 100 countries.

SPEA is responsible for the designation of Important Bird Areas in Portugal, and for developing conservation projects aimed at some of the most threatened birds in Europe and their habitats. Besides scientific research and conservation projects, SPEA also does environmental education work and organises a vast programme of activities.

United Photo Press
United Photo Press, a non-profit international organization, leading several social and environmental projects in the last years, is preparing a Conference and a Book about different subjects regarding Biodiversity, Climate Change and the actual human way of life.

Promotion and dissemination of the 2010nternational Year of Biodiversity in Portugal by United Photo Press (17 photos-1.8 MB)

Vila Franca de Xira City Hall
The Vila Franca de Xira City Hall is concerned with biodiversity preservation at a global level, through nature conservation and rational natural resource management, as well as the need to build a sustainable future. Consequently, principles of Sustainable Development are incorporated in all decisions and actions executed by the City Hall. The Vila Franca de Xira’s City Hall procures to bring awareness to these principles to the Municipality’s inhabitants through the celebration of important dates such as the “International Day of Biodiversity”, the “European Car Free Day”, among others, and through environmental awareness and education actions for students and general public.
Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness