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Biological Research in Kuzikus
BRinK conducts Biological Research in Kuzikus, a private wildlife reserve in the Namibian Kalahari. With 100km2 of red sands, savannah, bush-veldt, salt-pans, waterholes and grass covered dunes, Kuzikus is a beautiful and so far scientifically unexplored part of Namibia. BRinK is a research and local conservation initiative since 2008, providing affordable and lasting research opportunities and collaborations to scientists and volunteers to explore the Kalahari ecosystem - a wilderness region in the world. Kuzikus is run by family biologists since 30 years, and therefore offers a great opportunity for research scientists and volunteers to benefit from local knowledge through our weekly discussions and personal contact, working in small teams. BRinK projects collect baseline scientific data about the reserve to describe biodiversity patterns and ecological processes. Furthermore, we promote nature conservation and research - we combine science with education and public awareness.
Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Tourism and Biodiversity

Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve has come into being on a farm in the Kalahari landscape of Namibia, where for 70 years (1910-1980) cattle and sheep had replaced the indigenous wildlife.

Restoring ecological integrity by combining wildlife management, tourism, education and research directly with conservation projects, Kuzikus, today, demonstrates an innovative, real case-study of an applied win-win situation in which Man and Nature benefit.