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Final Straw
Final Straw is an international community dialogue on food, earth, and happiness. Through documentary filmmaking and direct social interactions, we work with broad and diverse groups of people – from farmers to office workers to academics – to cultivate deeper, more socially integrated connections between humanity and the natural world.

Our two level approach creates awareness of luminary figures in the world of small-scale, bio-diverse, sustainable thinking and living, and uses this awareness to enable individuals and organizations to develop simple solutions to live more sustainable lifestyles.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Ministry of Environment - Republic of Korea
The Ministry of Environment has facilitated infrastructures to establish a sustainable green country based on the spirit of respect for life. At the same time, the Ministry has continued to make efforts in the creation of healthy and sound environment, enhancement of international cooperation, and encouragement of citizens’ participation in environmental issues.
Subject(s): Endangered Species; Scientific Assessment; Health and Biodiversity; Cooperation and Partnerships; Convention on Biological Diversity; Climate Change and Biodiversity; Cities and Biodiversity