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Ministry for the Environment - Iceland
The Icelandic Ministry for the Environment formulates and enforces the Icelandic government policy for environmental affairs. The ministry supervises the affairs pertaining to nature in Iceland, conservation and outdoor recreation, the protection of animals, wild-life management, pollution prevention, hygiene, planning and building matters, fire prevention, weather forecasting and avalanche-protection, surveying and cartography, forestry and soil conservation, environmental monitoring and surveillance.
Subject(s): Endangered Species; Chemicals and Pollution; Forest Biodiversity; Cooperation and Partnerships; Climate Change and Biodiversity; National Reports; Governance, Law and Policy

NatureWatch (NGO)
The aims of NatureWatch are: - to fight for the preservation of Iceland's highland regions. - to strive to increase knowledge and awareness of Icelandic nature. -to strive to establish better laws to underpin the protection of nature. - to strengthen collaboration between associations for the protection of nature both in Iceland and abroad. - to strive for democratic decisions relating to environmental issues.
Subject(s): Inland Waters Biodiversity; Marine and Coastal Biodiversity; Convention on Biological Diversity; National Reports; Tourism and Biodiversity; Agricultural Biodiversity

The Environment and Food Agency of Iceland
The Environment Agency operates under the direction of the Ministry for the Environment. It's role is to promote the protection as well as sustainable use of Iceland’s natural resources, as well as public welfare by helping to ensure a healthy environment, and safe consumer goods.
Subject(s): Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Health and Biodiversity; Scientific Assessment; Governance, Law and Policy; Genetic Use Restriction Technologies; Marine and Coastal Biodiversity