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Danish Environmental Protection Agency - Denmark
The mission is to improve protection of people, the environment and nature – in Denmark as well as in the rest on the world.
Subject(s): Agricultural Biodiversity; Chemicals and Pollution; Forest Biodiversity; Health and Biodiversity; Governance, Law and Policy

Danish Forest and Nature Agency - Denmark
The Danish Forest and Nature Agency is part of the Ministry of the Environment of Denmark, and deals with a number of tasks in nature conservation and forestry.
Subject(s): Forest Biodiversity

Danish Society for Nature Conservation
The Danish Society for Nature Conservation is the largest nature conservation and environmental organization in Denmark. With the support of 140,000 members, we work to protect nature and the environment. Our 96 branches and our 2,000 active members are our eyes and ears at local and regional levels.

In 1911, we started as an organization mainly aiming at nature conservation and access to nature. Today, we work with a broad range of issues concerning nature, the environment, resources and consumption. Our vision is a sustainable society with a rich and diverse nature and a clean and healthy environment. Our daily work is performed by a secretariat of about 70 enthusiastic professionals.

Ministry of Environment - Denmark
The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for administrative and research tasks in the areas of environmental protection and planning. In Denmark the administration at state level is managed by the Ministry of the Environment. At the regional and local levels, much of the administrative responsibility has been delegated to municipalities.
Subject(s): Agricultural Biodiversity; Forest Biodiversity; Chemicals and Pollution; Inland Waters Biodiversity

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Development Policy Section - Denmark
Poverty reduction remains the fundamental challenge for Danish development cooperation. At the same time, Danish development policy is recognised as a central and integral part of Danish foreign and security policy. Danish development assistance takes the most urgent problems in the developing countries as its starting point, and at the same time it reflects the values underlying Denmark’s international behaviour.
Subject(s): Health and Biodiversity; Governance, Law and Policy; Cooperation and Partnerships; Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures; Biodiversity for Development