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Humanity Watch
Humanitywatch, a socioeconomic development and right based organization, established in 1998 and registered under Society Act XXI of Bangladesh. We have been working with the forest and indigenous people of the Sundarbans since 2005. Humanitywatch has a proven experience to work in the issues of Indigenous knowledge and traditional cultural practices, access of forest peoples in management and collection of forest resources, adaptation and mitigation with climate change, Participatory Identification of forest peoples and capacity building of forest peoples for sustainable use of the Sundarbans natural resources. Humanitywatch is working in the Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh including the Sundarbans.

Safety Assistance For Emergencies
Safety Assistance For Emergencies (SAFE) is leading safety promotion organization registered as trust in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2001, SAFE dedicated to the promotion and support of Environmental health, Safety of Biodiversity and Climate Change. It has played a pivotal role to conserve environment, forest and wildlife through awareness, advocacy, action and response. SAFE has partnered with a number of responsible organizations who have helped SAFE achieve sustainable outcomes in a range of environmental projects in Bangladesh.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020