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Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association
The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association Inc. is an innovative, progressive trade association with a network of over 450 members. The Association is a focused, cohesive organisation with high values fostering excellence in sustainable tourism. The Augusta-Margaret River Tourism Association (Inc) is a not for profit organization with a Committee of Management elected by the membership.

Australasian Wildlife Management Society
The Australasian Wildlife Management Society (AWMS) promotes the study and application of scientific management of vertebrate fauna in the Australasian region. Australia and New Zealand have unique faunal biodiversities, much of which is threatened by predation and habitat change by humans, altered fire regimes, invasive species and climate change. AWMS, established in 1988, encourages the broader community to scientifically develop and implement plans to manage our fauna, and to review these plans within social, environmental, economic and political contexts. AWMS people include scientists, educators, students, wildlife managers, extension specialists and policy makers from all over Australia and New Zealand, and from other countries.
Subject(s): International Year of Biodiversity - 2010; Ecosystem Approach; Research and Science

Australian Science
Australian Science is a privately-funded foundation dedicated to the online preservation of digital information, reference data, and scientific materials. Our aim is to establish a unified list of libraries, universities, and technology centres equally dedicated to this goal. Australian Science is one of the key partners within the network committed to the advancement of science both in Australia and worldwide.
Subject(s): Exchange of Information

Canberra Reptile Sanctuary
The Canberra Reptile Sanctuary is a not for profit association dedicated to research, conservation, and education and achieves these goals through public talks, the exhibition of reptiles, and research with affiliated Universities. Reptiles form a major part of the Australian landscape and are highly responsible for Australia being listed as one of the 17 Megadiverse countries of the world, thus, the Canberra Reptile Sanctuary has a strong focus on delivering this message so that people understand what we have, and live side by side with such amazing creatures.

Carbon Neutral
We are an Environmental Charity. Carbon Neutral Charitable fund mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through education and revegetation.

Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Climate Change and Biodiversity; United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Centre for Arid Zones Research - Australia
The CSIRO research laboratory in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, provides a base for scientists engaged in research on ecology, natural resource management and socio-economic systems in arid and semi-arid rangelands, an environment that constitutes more than 70 per cent of the Australian continent. CSIRO established a presence in Alice Springs in 1953 and since 1978 they occupied a building on Heath Road. At the end of 2009, staff re-located to a new purpose-built office within the Desert Knowledge Precinct.
Subject(s): Dry and Sub-Humid Lands Biodiversity; Biodiversity for Development

Council of Australasian Museum Directors (CAMD) International Year of Biodiversity project
During 2010, as part of the Council of Australasian Museum Directors (CAMD) International Year of Biodiversity project, museums across Australia are working with people and communities to discover, celebrate and promote biodiversity, and encourage participation in biodiversity events all around the country.

  • We are encouraging community groups to apply for seed funding of up to $5000 to establish programs that encourage Australians from all walks of life to explore the role of biodiversity in sustaining vital natural systems, and as a source of inspiration and cultural identity.

  • We have a Biodiversity2010 website which Australians can use to promote biodiversity news and events, share biodiversity ideas, stories, photos and videos, and find events and resources relating to biodiversity. We also have a Twitter site:

We are encouraging people to contact us and become part a world-wide effort to increase awareness of biodiversity and its importance, and to engage more people in its conservation.

Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts - Australia
The Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts develops and implements national policy, programs and legislation to protect and conserve Australia's environment and heritage and to promote Australian arts and culture.
Subject(s): Governance, Law and Policy

Eco Tourism Australia
The ECO Certification logo is a globally recognized brand which assists travellers to choose and experience a genuine and authentic tour, attraction, cruise or accommodation that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

‘enviroed4all’ is my website/ business name for my environmental education projects. I might be just one person, living on a working farm, but I have worked in different ways as an environmental educator in schools and the community, in much of my region, the Wimmera, for over 3 decades.

The UNDB ‘living in harmony with Nature’ slogan inspires me to be part of it and the web makes it possible. I can do things for it that will have meaning in my regional environment, encourage others to be a part of these and share these with the like-minded people/groups across the world.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

Environment Australia - Parks and Reserves - Australia
Environment Australia advises the Commonwealth Government on policies and programs for the protection and conservation of the environment, including both natural and cultural heritage places. It also manages a number of major programs, the most significant of which come under the umbrella of the Natural Heritage Trust. These programs include Bushcare, Coasts and Clean Seas, the Endangered Species Program and Waterwatch. Environment Australia also administers environmental laws, including the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and a range of other Acts. It is also responsible for Australia's participation in a number of international environmental agreements
Subject(s): Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 - Australia
The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 provides a legal framework to protect and conserve, nationally and internationally, biodiversity and enables environment and heritage protection. Subject to the decision of the Australian Government Minister for the Environment and Energy, any organization that is proposing a project or action that could have significant impact on the environment is required to undertake environmental assessment.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Fauna & Flora International
FFI protects threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take account of human needs. Operating in more than 40 countries worldwide – mainly in the developing world – FFI saves species from extinction and habitats from destruction, while improving the livelihoods of local people. Founded in 1903, FFI is the world’s longest established international conservation body and a registered charity. Fauna & Flora International is the world's longest established international conservation body, founded 100 years ago. Renowned for its science-based approach, FFI has pioneered sustainable conservation work that tackles problems holistically, providing solutions that simultaneously help wildlife, humans and the environment.<p>FFI acts to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and compatible with human needs FFI protects threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take account of human needs. Operating in more than 40 countries worldwide – mainly in the developing world – FFI saves species from extinction and habitats from destruction, while improving the livelihoods of local people. Founded in 1903, FFI is the world’s longest established international conservation body and a registered charity.
Subject(s): Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Business and Biodiversity

Green Times
Green Times is a green journal and directory and our focus is to create a bridge between information and action. Our articles are easy to read and accessible to all. We really want our message to reach the mass. I have attached our logo for your consideration and of course any link you could post on us would be a great help.

Read the article about the International Year of Biodviersity

Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board - Australia
The Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management (NRM) Board is responsible for managing, protecting and restoring Kangaroo Island’s unique natural resources. It is the peak strategic body responsible for planning and coordinating regional natural resources management.

Kangaroo Island retains 40% native vegetation, native animals abound, some rivers are classed as the most pristine in South Australia, and we are rabbit and fox free.

The Board works with its community to protect and preserve water, land, biodiversity, and coast and marine environments. Its program areas are: coast and marine, feral animals and weeds, on-ground works, water resource management and community knowledge building.

National Biodiversity and Business Network Endangered Wildlife Trust
The aim of the Network is to assist businesses from various sectors to integrate and mainstream biodiversity issues into their strategies and operations. It is designed to be an open and inclusive association of likeminded organisations that have recognised the need to raise awareness of, and stimulate conversation about, biodiversity issues amongst the business community.
Subject(s): Business and Biodiversity

Nature Skills
The Biodiversity is Life website is for young Australians to publish school and after-school biodiversity learning activities, views, ideas and plausible solutions for Australia's conservation challenges, and to learn about biodiversity from other young contributors on the website. We hope that through increased learning opportunities about the environment and ecosystems, young people will be inspired to take meaningful action as stewards of Australia's biodiversity.

New South Wales National Parks - Australia
The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has a long and proud history of protecting, conserving and managing an extraordinary diversity of flora, fauna, historic and cultural heritage around the state of NSW, for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. There are close to 800 national parks and reserves across NSW, including parks in four World Heritage Areas and six marine parks. In support of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, NPWS has launched Wild, Wild World, a campaign aiming to increase awareness of biodiversity and interaction with the natural environment. The campaign highlights a wide range of walks, talks and tours in NSW’s national parks throughout the year. Encouraging participation in national parks, and exposing people to the natural beauty around them will help build knowledge about the importance of biodiversity while inspiring engagement with, and advocacy for, the environment. Visit

Parks Victoria - Australia
It is through the interaction of Healthy Parks and Healthy People that the immense public value and conservation of our natural estate is fully realised. Healthy Parks Healthy People is about protecting the earth’s two most important assets – nature and humanity. [b] Parks Victoria exists to conserve, protect and enhance environmental and cultural assets. By responsibly meeting the needs of our community for quality information, services and experiences we contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of Victorians and provide excellence and innovation in park management

Tangle of Life
Our interactive website TANGLE OF LIFE showcases “the wealth of the world in the kingdoms of life”. Find the best from biology about bacteria, protoctists, fungi, animals, plants and the archaea. Join in our IYB2010 special photo project "Our Great Wealth Display." The website uses “social media for natural good” to reach 5 million people with messages about local biodiversity.

For a sneak-peak, please click this link: Free Ebook

Taxonomy Research & Information Network - Australia
The CERF Taxonomy Research & Information Network (TRIN) consists of a group of leading Australian scientists in the field of taxonomy, the science that identifies and names biodiversity, who are working together to address gaps in our knowledge of Australia's biodiversity.

Research focuses on small terrestrial mammals, reptiles, and aquatic invertebrates, ants and weeds of national significance. The work is also improving the way baseline information is made available to end users, such as researchers, governments, universities and industry. This research network aims to be a global leader in delivering web-based information on taxonomy, and moving towards the creation of a 'one stop shop' for assessing key information on Australia's biodiversity.
Subject(s): Global Taxonomy Initiative

The Development Gateway - Australia
The Development Gateway is a knowledge-sharing website, supporting people working in Asia Pacific countries to reduce poverty and promote sustainability. It is a mechanism for Australians and others in the Asia Pacific region to contribute knowledge and to engage in vigorous discussion.
Subject(s): Inland Waters Biodiversity; Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals; Clearing-House Mechanism; Scientific and Technical Cooperation

Tree Project
We facilitate partnerships between urban and rural communities to take quantitative and positive environmental action in Victoria by growing provenance based seedlings. We are the support network for volunteers who grow provenance based indigenous seedlings. TreeProject has grown and planted over 2.2 million indigenous trees, shrubs, and grasses across Victoria since 1988.

The majority of our projects involve volunteer growers who propagate and nurture provenance based seedlings. Through this program we are able to make regeneration work affordable by providing low-cost but high quality seedlings to Landcare groups and landholders. Other projects include the organisation of tree planting days and providing learning tools and support to our volunteers and the community that facilitates the growing of healthy seedlings.
Subject(s): United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020

World Agroforestry Centre - Australia
The World Agroforestry Centre (previously known as ICRAF) works through the support of Australia and other developed countries to address global poverty, hunger and environmental needs in developing countries.
Subject(s): Agricultural Biodiversity; Forest Biodiversity

Zoos Victoria
Conservation is at the heart of everything we do at Zoos Victoria. Our community conservation campaigns make it easy to take action to help the precious biodiversity around the world. Check out what you can do right now help protect wildlife, from Australia’s very own Southern Bell Frog, to the orang-utans of Asia and Africa’s mountain gorillas.

Subject(s): Communication, Education and Public Awareness