Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Flexible Coordination Mechanism

In decision VII/10, the Conference of the Parties welcomed the establishment by the Executive Secretary of a flexible coordination mechanism for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. The mechanism serves to facilitate and promote implementation, and monitoring, of the Strategy at all levels (national, regional and global), and currently comprises four elements:

  • Meetings of liaison groups: Liaison groups will be convened as necessary according to established procedures.
  • National GSPC focal points: National focal points, as determined by Parties, are listed here.
  • the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation: The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation is an initiative supported by a wide range of international and national agencies and organizations active in plant conservation. Launched in February 2004, the Partnership builds on the work begun by the “Gran Canaria group”, an informal consortium of international and national organisations that came together in 2000 to support the development of a global strategy for plant conservation.
  • the CBD Secretariat.