Children and Youth Educational Material

Fun Stuff

  • The Biodiversity and Farming portal explores the many different parts of nature that make biodiversity and agriculture possible.

  • The Youth page is a great place to learn more about biodiversity, conferences, competitions and other exciting things.

  • The Kid's portal has fun interactive online games.

More Fun Stuff from Other Organisations

  • "The Teens 4 Planet Earth website is here to help YOU protect this amazing planet we call home. Surf these pages for incredible facts about the natural world, for the latest conservation news, and to discover how teens can – and do – make a difference by carrying out environmental service-learning projects in their communities."

  • "Biodiversity 911: Saving Life on Earth is a lively exhibition that tells the important story of biodiversity using science, humor, and creativity."

  • "EPI inspires science education and improves conservation efforts through field-based student-scientist partnerships."

  • "The Living Systems Resource Kit investigates all aspects of how native biodiversity does and could make a positive contribution to Victorian agriculture, to farm families and rural communities."

  • "The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour." Their kid's website has colouring book, online rainforest stories, animal facts and more.

  • "TOBAGO is non-government organisation committed to the conservation and restoration of Tobago's environment."

  • "Join the thousands of schools around the world where students are exchanging information, opinions and ideas on a variety of science topics with young people in every continent. Exchanges are possible in several languages. Explore the Science around the world website to see the wide range of topics and free resources in several languages."