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The Secretariat invites children and youth, the leaders of tomorrow, to take action for the protection of life on Earth. Surf with us and learn how!

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Global Youth Biodiversity Network

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Youth, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals

At the occasion of the High Level Event of the President of the General Assembly in September 2014, Debora, 23 years old, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, delivered a statement on the need to take planet boundaries into account in defining the Sustainable Development Goals :

"Young People’s rights are not just about education and employment. And neither are the planet’s resources infinite... >>

Join the Green Wave

One School, One Tree, One Gift to Nature!

The Green Wave is a multi-year biodiversity campaign that lets you make a difference - one school, one tree, one step at a time. It brings together students and teachers from around the world to raise awareness about biodiversity, and the need to reduce its loss. The campaign will contribute to the Billion Tree Campaign.

In participating schools, students plant a locally important tree species in or near their schoolyard. On 22 May, the International Day of Biological Diversity (IBD), students around the world will count down to 10:00 local time, when they will water their tree in their respective schoolyards, thereby creating a figurative “green wave” starting in the far east and traveling west around the world. Throughout the day, students will upload photos and text summaries to the website to share their tree-planting story with other children and youth from around the world. An interactive map depicting all the Green Wave trees will go live at 20:20 local time, thereby creating a second “green wave”.

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See the Bigger Picture

To support The Green Wave, a campaign was launched on World Environment Day 2009 by Airbus, National Geographic and the Secretariat of the CBD. The campaign, “See the Bigger Picture”, contributes to efforts to raise public awareness on biodiversity, reaching out to children, youth and families, and encourage participation in The Green Wave project. The campaign promotes the importance of biodiversity in our lives and encourages children and youth to take action to better understand and protect it. It started with an international photo contest for children which ran from June to September 2009. The photo gallery including the Winners and Honourable mentions can be viewed on the website:

As part of the campaign, National Geographic Society and Airbus S.A.S. organized a Photo Exhibition which traveled the world, starting in Paris (France), and going to Whistler (Canada), Alabama (USA), Berlin and Hamburg (Germany) and Nagoya (Japan).

Visit the Children's Portal on Farming and Biodiversity

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Youth Newsletter - Gincaniño

Gincaniño Volume 1, issue 1

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The Green Wave