Ecosystem Approach

Ecosystem Approach Sourcebook - Case-Study Details

1. Project Details
Author or Responsible Organization Sandrine Landeau
Project Title The area forest charter of Lubéron Regional Nature Park
Date of Publication 01/02/2003
Project Status
Project Start Date
Project End Date
Countries France
Funding Source
2. Background to Project
Project Issue/Problem Statement The latest Forest Law (July, 2001) favors a multipurpose approach to forest management and aims to improve the dialogue between foresters and the society. The application of the new Forest Charter, created by the Forest Law, to the Lubéron Regional Nature Park will emphasize a more holistic approach to managing ecosystems, on participation, negotiation and contracts, and decentralized decision-making.
Project Description The project’s main goal is the conservation of biological diversity, which in this case relates to the implementation of a sustainable forest management plan. The objectives are: 1. to support agriculture in its traditional production role and to promote its secondary functions, which are important for the preservation of the environment and the quality of life; 2. to use the quality of the environment as an asset for the economy and tourism; 3. to promote the environmental quality in each development or project and to make people, and particularly young people, aware of this issue; 4. to consolidate the identity of the Lubéron area; and 5. to accompany social change: the demand for a more urban way of life by rural populations, and the need of new inhabitants to learn about the area to become integrated into the community.
Highlighted Aspects of Ecosystem Approach ·The integration of a forestry approach into a wider territorial approach. ·The different levels and facets of the participation and consultation.
Conclusions ·Biodiversity is a major issue in the Luberon forest area but it has to be considered in parallel with other issues. ·The horizontal approach draws parallels between the different themes, which is a key point for the implementation of concerted and efficient action in an area. ·The approach proposed by the Luberon Regional Park ensures the identification of areas where biodiversity is the main issue. In a given zone, the question is how to reconcile the different objectives and expectations.
3. Sectors and Biomes
Biomes Agricultural Biodiversity
Forest Biodiversity
4. Tools and Approaches
Tools and Approaches   Relevance
Public Participation 3-High
Education and Awareness 3-High
- Communication 3-High
Governance, Law and Policy 3-High
- Governance 3-High
Data, Monitoring and Modelling 3-High
5. Issues
Issues   Relevance
Public Participation 3-High
Sustainable Use of Biodiversity 3-High
6. Ecosystem Approach
Principles and Operational Guidance   Relevance
(Only if NOT relevant)
Principle 1: The objectives of management of land, water and living resources are a matter of societal choices 3-High
Principle 2: Management should be decentralized to the lowest appropriate level 3-High
Principle 7: The ecosystem approach should be undertaken at the appropriate spatial and temporal scales 3-High
Principle 12: The ecosystem approach should involve all relevant sectors of society and scientific disciplines 3-High
Operational Guidance C: Use adaptive management practices 3-High
Operational Guidance D: Carry out management actions at the scale appropriate for the issue being addressed, with decentralization to lowest level, as appropriate 3-High
Operational Guidance E: Ensure intersectoral cooperation 3-High
7. Lessons Learned and the Outcomes
Lessons Learned ·It is not always easy to identify representatives of all those involved. ·The impact of demonstration projects is not always assessed correctly: it is necessary to be able to reorientate the management; the process has evolved with the situation. This implies the use of monitoring and assessment of the charter. ·It is also necessary to bear in mind that despite the consultation, some people may remain recalcitrant, for example owners who cannot see the interest of proposed projects and refuse to implement them on their property. There are not many ways of bypassing this opposition, even in the name of public interest.
Other Information
8. References
References Landeau, Sandrine. Application of the decision VI/12 of the COP 6; Case study on the implementation of the ecosystem approach: the area forest charter of Luberon Regional Nature Park (France). February 2003. GIP ECOFOR. On the website: [] Accessed: August 10, 2005
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