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1.Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Americas
Fenech, Adam; MacIver, Don; Dallmeier, Francisco
Area: United Nations Decade on Biodiversity - 2011-2020
2.Climate change and biodiversity in the Americas / edited by Adam Fenech, Don MacIver and Francisco Dallmeier.
c2008 - Fenech, Adam; MacIver, Don; Dallmeier, Francisco
Area: Climate Change and Biodiversity
3.Climate change: building the adaptive capacity: an international conference on adaptation science, management and policy options. May 17-19, 2004
2004 - Fenech, Adam; MacIver, Don; Bing Rong, Robin; Yin, Yongyuan
Areas: Climate Change and Biodiversity; Governance, Law and Policy; Impact Assessment
4.Guidance document for testing the pathogencity and toxicity of new microbial sustances to aquatic and terrestrial organisms.
Area: Health and Biodiversity
5.Learning through real-life experiences : case studies of biodiversity initiatives in Eastern Ontario = Apprentissage au moyen d'experiences réelles / Elin Kelsey.
2001 - Kelsey, Elin
Area: Communication, Education and Public Awareness
6.Les oiseaux menacés du Québec
Robert, Michel
7.Multilateral environmental agreement negotiator's handbook.
Areas: Cooperation and Partnerships; Convention on Biological Diversity; Governance, Law and Policy
8.Science de l'ozone 2007 : une contribution canadienne au vingtième anniversaire du Protocole de Montréal / edited by C.T. McElroy and D.R. Francis.
c2007 - McElroy, C.T.; Francis, D.R.
Areas: Chemicals and Pollution; Climate Change and Biodiversity
9.The Americas : building the adaptive capacity to global environmental change
2006 - Fenech, Adam; Maclver, Don; Brydges, Tom
Area: Climate Change and Biodiversity