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1.A framework for action on biodiversity and ecosystem management
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Ecosystem Restoration
2.Applying the ecosystem approach in high-mountain ecosystems in Germany: experiences with the Alpine Convention / Axel Paulsch, Cornelia Dziedzioch and Thomas Plan
2003 - Paulsch, Axel; Dziedzioch, Cornelia; Plan, Thomas
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Mountain Biodiversity
3.Approche par écosystème / Secrétariat de la Convention sur la diversité biologique
Area: Ecosystem Approach
4.Aquatic ecosystems : ten years of EC scientific cooperation for the transition towards sustainability
Area: Ecosystem Approach
5.Area forest charter of Luberon Regional Nature Park, France: application of decision VI/12 of the COP 6, case study on the implementation of the ecosystem approach.
2002 - Landeau, Sandrine
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Forest Biodiversity
6.Assessing the impacts of biodiversity changes on ecosystem functioning and services / edited by Erwin Bulte, Andy Hector and Anne Larigauderie.
2005 - Bulte, Erwin; Hector, Andy; Larigauderie, Anne
Areas: Impact Assessment; Ecosystem Approach
7.Assessment of land-based sources and activities affecting the marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment in the Wider Caribbean Region / [United Nations Environment Programme, Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities, GPA Co-ordination Office ; Caribbean Environment Programme, Regional Co-ordinating Unit].
Areas: Identification, Monitoring and Indicators; Marine and Coastal Biodiversity; Ecosystem Approach
8.Assessment of risks and threats to human health associated with the degradation of ecosystems / Lada Kochtcheeva [et al.].
2000 - Kochtcheeva, Lada
Areas: Health and Biodiversity; Impact Assessment; Ecosystem Approach
9.Atlantic Canada best management practices / [case study] by Syngenta and Canadian Business and Biodiversity Council

Areas: Agricultural Biodiversity; Business and Biodiversity; Ecosystem Approach
10.Back to life : community stories of restoration and resilience in Indonesia / produced by Wiro Wiri Productions.
Areas: Climate Change and Biodiversity; Ecosystem Approach
11.Bhutan: management effectiveness assessment of four protected areas using WWF,s RAPPAM methodology / by K. Tshering.
2003 - Tshering, K.
Areas: Protected Areas / In-Situ Conservation; Ecosystem Approach
12.Bibliografia Brasileira de polinização e polinizadores.
Area: Ecosystem Approach
13.Big Question: Is Earth past the tipping point?
Areas: Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Endangered Species; Ecosystem Approach; Identification, Monitoring and Indicators; Impact Assessment
14.Big Question: What is nature worth?
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Economics, Trade and Incentive Measures; Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Business and Biodiversity; Biodiversity for Development; Climate Change and Biodiversity; Endangered Species; Forest Biodiversity; Inland Waters Biodiversity
15.Biodiversidad y conocimiento tradicional : participación equitativa en práctica / coordinado por Sarah A. Laird.
2002 - Laird, Sarah A.
Areas: Traditional Knowledge, Innovations and Practices - Article 8(j); Ecosystem Approach
16.Biodiversidade e agricultores : fortalecendo o manejo comunitário / organização, Walter Simon de Boef, [et al.].
2007 - De Boef, Walter
Areas: Agricultural Biodiversity; Ecosystem Approach
17.Biodiversity : its importance to human health / edited by Eric Chivian.
2002 - Chivian, Eric
Areas: Ecosystem Approach; Health and Biodiversity
18.Biodiversity : delivering results.
Areas: Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals; Ecosystem Approach
19.Biodiversity and tourism : conflicts on the world's seacoasts and strategies for their solution / German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (ed.).
Areas: Ex-Situ Conservation; Sustainable Development / Millenium Development Goals; Ecosystem Approach; Marine and Coastal Biodiversity
20.Biodiversity begins with a B
Areas: Communication, Education and Public Awareness; Ecosystem Approach; Agricultural Biodiversity
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