COP 10 Decision X/19

X/19.Gender mainstreaming

The Conference of the Parties,
Recalling its decision IX/24, in which it welcomed the development by the Executive Secretary of the Gender Plan of Action under the Convention on Biological Diversity,50 and invited Parties to support the Secretariat’s implementation of the Plan,
Emphasizing the importance of gender mainstreaming in all programmes of work under the Convention in order to achieve the objectives of the Convention and its Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020,
1.Expresses its appreciation to the Government of Finland for its generous financial contribution that made it possible for a position of Gender Programme Officer to be established within the Secretariat;
2.Requests the Executive Secretary, subject to availability of resources, in cooperation with other intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, to enhance efforts to fully implement the Plan of Action in order to mainstream gender considerations in all aspects of the work under the Convention and formulate clear indicators to monitor progress;
3.Encourages Parties and other Governments to contribute to the implementation of the Gender Plan of Action, including through the provision of financial and other support;
4.Invites Parties to consider gender as a core cross-cutting issue in the implementation of biodiversity-related activities;
5.Recalling its decision IX/8, urges Parties to promote the mainstreaming of gender considerations in developing, implementing and revising their national and, where appropriate, regional, biodiversity strategies and action plans, and equivalent instruments, in implementing the three objectives of the Convention, taking into account the guidance provided in the Technical Series No. 49.