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COP 1 Decision I/5
Retired sections: paragraph 1.

Support to the Secretariat by international organizations

The Conference of the Parties

1. Welcomes the willingness demonstrated by international organizations to support and cooperate with the Secretariat for the effective discharge of its functions, and in particular the concrete offers made by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, including by secondment of staff;

2. Requests the Executive Secretary to coordinate with those organizations with a view to entering into such administrative and contractual arrangements as may be required to make effective those offers, as provided for in Article 24.1 (d) of the Convention;

3. Invites other competent organizations which wish to do so to make further proposals to the Secretariat in this regard;

4. Requests the Executive Secretary to contact the Secretariats of conventions dealing with matters covered by this Convention with a view to establishing appropriate forms of cooperation between this Convention and those conventions and report to the Conference of the Parties on this issue, as provided for in Article 23. 4 (h) of the Convention.