COP 9 Decision IX/23

IX/23.Liability and redress

The Conference of the Parties,
Recalling its decisions VI/11, VII/17 and VIII/29,
1.Welcomes the synthesis report prepared by the Executive Secretary on technical information relating to damage to biological diversity and approaches to valuation and restoration of damage to biological diversity, as well as information on national/domestic measures and experiences (UNEP/CBD/COP/9/20/Add.1);
2.Requests the Executive Secretary to make the synthesis report widely available through the clearing-house mechanism of the Convention to enable Parties to use the report if they decide to develop national legislative regimes, and policy and administrative measures;
3.Reiterates its call to Parties, Governments and relevant international organizations in paragraph 4 of decision VIII/29 to cooperate with a view to strengthening capacities at the national level with regard to measures for the prevention of damage to biological diversity, establishment and implementation of national legislative regimes, and policy and administrative measures on liability and redress, and to provide financial resources for this purpose;
4.Decides to consider at its tenth meeting the need for future work in this area as part of its consideration of a revised and updated Strategic Plan, as well as a multi-year programme of work for the period 2011-2020.