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COP 2 Decision II/7
Retired sections: paragraph 7.


The Conference of the Parties,

Mindful of the crucial importance of the provisions of Articles 6 and 8 in the fulfillment of the objectives of the Convention,

1. Urges all Parties and Governments and other interested stakeholders to exchange relevant information and share experience on measures taken for the implementation of Articles 6 and 8;

2. Stresses the importance of regional and international cooperation for the implementation of Articles 6 and 8 of the Convention;

3. Requests the Executive Secretary to make available through the clearing-house mechanism such information and lessons drawn from national experience and also to make available relevant information on the implementation of Articles 6 and 8 contained in national reports submitted by Parties in accordance with Article 26 of the Convention as well as decision II/17 adopted at its second meeting;

4. Further requests the Executive Secretary:

    (a) To compile and disseminate that information as widely as possible, including experience of relevant conventions, United Nations bodies and intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations in dealing with the provisions of Articles 6 and 8;
    (b) To prepare, on the basis of available information, suggestions on how the collection and sharing of relevant information and experience might be enhanced;

5. Encourages Parties, in preparing and implementing their national strategies and action plans, to collaborate with relevant organizations and, if so desired, to take into consideration existing guidelines such as "National Biodiversity Planning" published by the United Nations Environment Programme, the World Resources Institute and the World Conservation Union (IUCN);

6. Emphasizes the importance of capacity-building as well as the availability of adequate financial resources to assist Parties in the implementation of Articles 6 and 8 of the Convention, and in this context requests the interim financial mechanism under the Convention to facilitate urgent implementation of Articles 6 and 8 of the Convention by availing to developing country Parties financial resources for projects in a flexible and expeditious manner;

7. Also requests the Executive Secretary to present to it a report on the implementation of this decision for consideration at its third meeting.