Clearing-House Mechanism

CHM Awards Best Practices


During the first CHM Award process a jury was selected by the Executive Secretary to evaluate the 38 submissions received. The jury based their analysis of the submissions taking into account the two questionnaires that the Parties completed, the criteria established in Notification - ntf-2015-058-chm award and virtual visits to each National CHM. Once the completed questionnaires had been submitted to the Secretariat the jury completed the process by providing a score using the ranking tool created by the Secretariat.

When the jury had completed their deliberations the Secretariat then compiled the jury scores and provided a global list of the results for the jury to review. Once the jury were in agreement with the final results the Secretariat prepared the awards to be given out at COP 13 in Mexico in December 2016.

During the second CHM Award process the jury met for two days in Cambridge, UK to complete their analysis of the submissions received in advance of the CHM Awards ceremony that took place at COP 14.

Winners of the CHM Award

COP 14

Existing National CHM Category

1. Burundi - Gold Award
2. Colombia - Silver Award
3. Morocco - Bronze Award

New National CHM Category

1. Indonesia - Gold Award
2. Sri Lanka - Silver Award
3. Guinea Bissau - Bronze Award

COP 13

Existing National CHM Category

1. Mexico - Gold Award

2. Australia - Silver Award

3. Belgium - Bronze Award

New National CHM Category

1. Malaysia - Gold Award

2. Guatemala - Silver Award

3. Kenya - Bronze Award