Children & Youth

Taking Action

Dare to make a difference!

B = Believe that you can make a difference

I = Inform yourself

O = Observe the natural world around you

D = Delight in different varieties of fruits, vegetables, rice and other foods

I = Interest your family and friends

V = Volunteer to work on a biodiversity project

E = Examine your surroundings to see what you could do to improve them

R = Re-use, recycle, and reduce waste to protect our natural environment

S = Study hard and become a scientist… a biologist, an agronomist, an ecologist, a forestry expert...

I = Involve yourself in biodiversity, no matter how small or how large the way

T = Talk to and Teach others about biodiversity loss

Y = Yes, YOU, Young people, can do it… if we each do our part without waiting for others to do something first… YOU start, others will follow…

Effective Youth Participation

Do you want to share your ideas with the world? Have you ever thought about participating at an international meeting? To learn more about what you can do, visit The Global Youth and Biodiversity Network (GYBN), a network that aims to represent the voice of global youth in the CBD negotiations, raise awareness among young people of the values of biodiversity, and connects individuals and youth organizations in order to build a global coalition to halt the loss of biodiversity.


Eco-Generation is a dynamic social networking platform offering a range of possibilities for engaging children, their chaperones, youth and sports organizations in order to advance their awareness, role and commitment in environmental conservation and protection. The aim of the process is to enhance and facilitate information exchange, communication and resource sharing through Internet, e-learning, videos and other new technologies offered by the platform.


Think Eat Save Challenge

Calling all food waste warriors in high schools and universities worldwide - fight food waste and compete for thousands of dollars of prizes! Your challenge: uncover how much food gets wasted in your schools, organize a team and take action to reduce food waste! Learn more on Think Eat Save