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Arguably, the POWIB provides the CBD’s 42 Small Island Developing States and AOSIS members, as well as  its 13 States with islands (Parties with a significant percentage of their territories in continental and oceanic islands – such as Indonesia and the Philippines) with the only platform in which their common challenges (often linked to the relative isolation of islands, their unique ecological fragility, limited resources and the disproportionate  effect of climate change and extreme weather on their livelihood) will be prioritized. In most other large CBD PoWs (such a Protected Areas, Climate Change or Development/Poverty Eradication), the achievements of island States may be difficult to compare with those of Parties with much more land, resources or political influence.  As it was developed late in the CBD’s lifespan, the PoW is fully consistent with the current 2011-2020 Strategic Plan and the Aichi targets – it’s therefore also called the island’s one-stop shop for the Convention. This in-depth review is the Parties’ best chance until the 5th National Report (2014) to highlight the latest island-related developments and propose partnerships and common agendas.
posted on 2011-11-17 19:52 UTC by Mr. Oliver Hillel, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity