Impact Assessment

Capacity Development

The International Association for Impact Assessment implements a programme "Capacity Building in Biodiversity and Impact Assessment" (CBBIA). This project is a targeted capacity-building programme intended to promote good practice in biodiversity and impact assessment. It is hoped that it will provide support, expertise and guidance in more than 10 countries. It includes various enabling activities that will take place in participating regions and countries and at IAIA conferences, workshops and events. The project builds on work carried out by the IAIA Biodiversity and Ecology Section in support of the biodiversity-related global conventions, including the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Ramsar Convention and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Members of IAIA's Biodiversity and Ecology Section are actively involved in the work of the project and form the core of a growing worldwide network of individuals with an interest in biodiversity and impact assessment.

The project makes available a limited number of bursaries for students and early career professionals with an interest in environmental impact assessment and biodiversity. The project also has a Small Grants Program. Reports and additional information are available by email from IAIA.