The International Day for Biological Diversity:Biodiversity and Agriculture 22 May 2008

Business, Biodiversity and Agriculture

Agriculture and biodiversity: Risks and opportunities for business

Agriculture relies heavily on biodiversity for crop and livestock productivity, pollination, sources of genetic advancement (e.g. disease resistance), crop protection, watershed control and ecosystem services (e.g. soil building). Biodiversity is thus fundamental to agriculture, food production and sustainable development. The loss of biodiversity represents business risks: the agribusiness sector faces operational risks such as diminishing supplies or rising costs of key resources and inputs, for example raw materials and water.

The Business Case

IFC Biodiversity Guide on agribusiness

Agribusiness at COP-9

A number of side events on agribusiness will be organized at COP-9, including on 22 May. For more information, visit the calendar of side events, visit COP-9 Side Events

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