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Iran (Islamic Republic of) - Country Profile

The national targets (or equivalent) presented in this database are taken from the NBSAPs received since COP-10, fifth national reports or from documents submitted separately. The mapping of national targets to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets by the Party concerned is indicated in the last column “Related Aichi Target(s)”. All Parties are encouraged to undertake this mapping exercise and to submit this information to SCBD for incorporation in this database.

Reference Target Related Strategic Goals/Aichi Targets
STRATEGIC GOAL 1 Mainstreaming biodiversity across government and society and promoting awareness and public participation to achieve sustainable development goals
National Target 1 By 2020, national strategy for formal and informal education systems in biodiversity conservation concepts, values and practices is developed and implemented.
National Target 2 By 2020, knowledge and awareness of specialists and experts for effective management of biodiversity are enhanced.
National Target 3 By 2025, all stakeholders are appropriately engaged in conservation of biodiversity, with the effective participation of local communities.
National Target 4 By 2025, biodiversity considerations have been mainstreamed into national and local development policies, legislation, strategies and practices.
National Target 5 By 2025, biodiversity values have been integrated into national and local planning, development processes, poverty reduction strategies and accounts.
STRATEGIC GOAL 2 Integrated biodiversity monitoring, assessment and reporting
National Target 6 By 2025, biodiversity-related research and related information infrastructures are strengthened.
National Target 7 By 2025, an integrated national biodiversity monitoring, assessment and reporting system is established.
National Target 8 Strengthening of national legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks and jurisdictional procedures for the conservation of biodiversity.
STRATEGIC GOAL 3 Reducing pressures on biodiversity and promoting sustainable use of natural resources
National Target 9 By 2030, the rate of loss of natural habitats, in particular forests, wetlands, mountains and dry lands is at least halved, and degradation and fragmentation is significantly reduced.
National Target 10 By 2025, pollution, in particular marine pollution, including marine debris and nutrient pollution is significantly reduced.
National Target 11 By 2020, the introduction of invasive alien species is controlled and, by 2025, the impact of invasive alien species on land and water ecosystems is significantly reduced.
National Target 12 By 2020, policies and regulations for biosafety are compiled and an effectively implemented mechanism is in place.
National Target 13 By 2020, effective measures to reduce the impact of climate change on biodiversity are developed and, by 2018, an appropriate mechanism is in place.
National Target 14 By 2030, effective measures for sustainable use of biodiversity resources are developed and implemented.
National Target 15 By 2025, good governance for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are promoted.
STRATEGIC GOAL 4 Integrated conservation of biodiversity
National Target 16 By 2025, preservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland water ecosystems are ensured.
National Target 17 By 2030, marine and coastal ecosystems are sustainably managed and protected.
National Target 18 By 2030, conservation and wise use of wetlands are strengthened and the situation for at least 50% of degraded wetlands is improved.
National Target 19 By 2030, at least 20% of terrestrial and inland water ecosystems, and 5% of coastal and marine areas, especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, are protected.
National Target 20 By 2025, sustainable forest management plans are developed and implemented across the forest zone of Iran, the rate of deforestation significantly reduced and at least 20% of degraded forests are rehabilitated.
National Target 21 By 2025, sustainable rangeland management is developed and implemented.
National Target 22 By 2025, threatened species, with particular attention to endemic species, are identified and assessed and, by 2030, effective conservation plans are under implementation.
National Target 23 By 2030, financial resources from all sources to conserve and sustainably use of biodiversity are mobilised and significantly increased.
National Target 24 By 2025, environmental diplomacy, bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the context of biodiversity at regional and international levels are promoted.